Hi, i hope everything is fine. I’m going to perform, my name is Kelle and I’m from Brazil, I have a fansub that translates several dramas into portuguese, and that’s the reason I wanted to ask you something about the lakorns. Loveee. September 12, 2020. I really love the smell of this fabric refresher. The smell was extremely fresh and traveled throughout my house. I love that the smell is strong and lingers. I only have to spray it a few times and the scent fills my house. The bottle comes with a lot of fabric refresher. Loveee it! Love it. Feels great to my skin. Sexy!! Most helpful negative review. 2 customers found this helpful. Average Rating: (1.0) out of 5 stars. Not what I expected. Comes with an itty bitty thong/gstring. Bad quality, thin ribbon band, very thin robe, thread hanging from the sleeves. Its â one sizeâ but fits like a Small. Crop Top and Pants Set Cool Silk Tank Top Set Puff Sleeve Set Turn Down Collar shirt Pure Cotton Pocket Tee Vyzkoušejte, hra Loveee je úplně zdarma! Loveee je o vzájemném spojení, intimitě, lásce, radosti a samozřejmě zábavě. Najdete zde více než 800 pikantních úkolů pro ještě vášnivější sex a vzrušující požitek z milování. “Loveeeeeee Song” is the first collaboration between Rihanna and trap-rapper Future.The track was released as the fourth single from her seventh studio album Unapologetic on April 3, 2013 ... lovfee 致力於企劃與商品開發流行服飾,從女性角度刻畫性感輪廓,每天都要漂亮出擊!提倡合理無負擔的價格,享受舒適的穿著感,整合網路行銷、視覺設計,為您提供智慧化的購物樂趣。 continue reading update, new podcast & favorite guided meditations from insight timer Lyrics to 'Loveeeee Song' by Rihanna. Ain't nothin wrong with it... I don't wanna give you the wrong impression I need love and affection And I hope I'm not sounding too desperate Tarte Loveee is a very warm-toned, light brown with a satin finish. It is a limited edition eyeshadow. It is a limited edition eyeshadow. Jump to a particular section if you know what information you're looking for!

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2020.09.21 05:49 kparasu how is you people

i’m about to sleep but i would loveee to hear about how ur day wenttttt
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2020.09.20 14:10 proudlyslutty 21 [F4M] sg/online - seeking an older man to fulfill my romantic + naughty fantasies

hi reddit!
I’m a university student who also works parttime. born and raised in Singapore and love it here. my free time is devoted to catching up on Netflix and Youtube and a current huge interest of mine is skincare ☺️ I’m someone who loves being out with people and loves my own space just as much. The little things in life constantly make me giggle, like seeing a fat pigeon and France’s president’s last name being nearly the same as macaron 🙈 there’s a photo of me on my profile.
I’m seeking an older man, preferably 15years older than me at least but who am I kidding, the older the better! I’m hoping this’ll be a fun relationship stemming from a strong emotional and physical connection. We could talk about anything and everything but one thing I don’t want is for sex and kinks to be the sole focus - that gets boring fast. I will say I really enjoy f/d or daddy daughter stuff. Having a connection is crucial to me and if we don’t have that, I won’t wanna take things any further. I love to flirt and tease and show myself off, staying pretty true to my username. I don’t mind if you’re married, in fact it kind of excites me 🙈
Outside reddit I mostly converse on discord or skype and loveee voice chats as they’re a super intimate and personal way to get to know someone. plus points if you’re taking care of yourself physically, have a deep and sexy and authoritative voice and are into ddlg/ daddy daughter.
drop me a message if you’d like to give this a go!
xo 😘 Amie
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2020.09.20 01:01 LostXR [Mini Comic - Seaside Serenade] I just loveee this art style a lot!

[Mini Comic - Seaside Serenade] I just loveee this art style a lot! submitted by LostXR to HeartstopperAO [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 22:57 bahartalib What to do?

hello everyone, me and my boyfriend started a diet and workouts as well as running ,yesterday , and we are trying to get rid of our fat bellies, but problem is we loveee eating a lot, seriously with no limit, so what should we do? also I need a website address to calculate our daily calorie intake, please help us.
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2020.09.19 06:32 t00thbruzh the thought of moving makes me cry but it's too late to change my mind

I'm sorry if this is disjointed. I'm on mobile and honestly I cant think straight.
I'm 18F and about to move away for university. for the past two years it's all I've been thinking about - I knew I wanted to move as soon as I realised it was an option. I knew I wouldnt be able to study for a degree in my house cos my family is so loud and there are heated arguments often. despite that, my family loveee to spend time together so there were a lot of times in the past where I'd need to study for a huge exam and they'd guilt me into watching a tv show/film with them, or going shopping, or really anything they could think of. as well as that, my two younger sisters (13 and 6) are pretty dependent on me. my parents and older brother work full time so the three of us are used to spending a lot of time together after school and on weekends, and especially during school holidays. so over the years I've gotten used to (and pretty good at) feeding them and keeping them entertained and safe. I spent pretty much all of my teen years looking after them; i feel like it's all I know. I'm also the person they come to when the arguments are too much or too loud. we usually all sit together and play games or make each other laugh until we feel like things have calmed down. getting work done in this house was never easy.
but now it's the middle of the night and I'm 12 hours away from my move in slot, with all my half packed bags surrounding me. I'm not moving very far - only about an hour and a half away - but the thought of coming home after school to a dark, quiet room, with nothing but my memories to keep me company is terrifying. I'm so used to the sounds of my own home - my sisters laughing loudly while they watch youtube videos on the sofa and wait for me to come home, curled up together and eating instant noodles. the hiss of the cooker as my parents cook together. my brother shadow boxing in his room and trying to stop the cat from chewing up another phone charger. of course, I can call them. I intend to call my sisters every day and ask for updates on their lives. I plan on going home every few weeks or so, just for the weekend.
but I'm scared. I dont know what my sisters will do without me. what am I supposed to do without them? the youngest has been crying for weeks cos I've been trying to prepare her for tomorrow, but she still goes to sleep at night asking me not to go. nothing has ever broken my heart quite like hearing her nervously count down the days until I leave.
I'm scared of being lonely. not once in the 18.75 years that I've been alive have I ever felt loneliness. I've always had someone to talk to. obviously you make friends at uni, but they need to get to know me before they can know how I feel. and I'm scared that I just wont bond with them the way I bonded with my school friends.
I'm scared that my sisters will get used to not having me around. that after the 4 years are up I'll return home, ready to sit with them and watch their favourite youtubers explore an abandoned building, just for them to tell me they stopped watching that stuff 2 years ago, and now they watch vlogs or some other youtube genre. what if the 6 year old barely remembers how close we were? how I used to sing her to sleep every night? how she would come to me in the middle of the night when she had a nightmare cos I was almost always awake and I always put her back to sleep? will she remember how she used to climb in my bed in the mornings and kiss me on the forehead while she played games on my phone?
I know i need to do this, that moving is definitely the best option for my education. I fought to move out - my parents were against the idea from the start but eventually they came round to it. how can I change my mind NOW? now that I've already confirmed the uni and the room and the parking space? how can I change my mind knowing how much I struggled to learn over the past 5 years? academically this is the best choice. personally? I wish I could stay home forever and
submitted by t00thbruzh to offmychest [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 06:27 WhoIsYou1 I listened to all of Pablo Honey in one sitting and it's not even close to being a bad album

I was kind of bored and wanted to listen to some albums that I had overlooked. I had listened to Pablo Honey before but I skipped through many songs and liked only like 4-5 songs. But today, I listened to it without skipping a single song, not even skipping the B-Sides.
People really like to trash this album a lot even if some of you might say "It just isnt on par with other albums" but it is very damn close to it.
I mean Lurgee, Blow Out, Thinking About You, You and Anyone Can Play Guitar are gorgeous. And I dont have to mention Creep.
Prove Yourself's chorus section is pretty neat as well. I loveee I Can't.
The only thing that just sounds very average on the album is 'How Do You?'
The album sounds messy at some parts but I love it. Please just for the love of Radiohead, give it a thorough listen without skipping any song. If you dont like it in one listen, it's alright but you will definitely find some sections or songs relistenable. And then once you like few songs and listen to the album again, you will definitely love it.
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2020.09.18 00:50 Hixine What’s your favourite thing to do that you suck at?

I loveee singing it’s so fun i do it all the time but my singing voice is trash😔✌️
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2020.09.17 23:50 trendyaunt can someone gimme good lana unreleased songs

i already know the classics (serial killer, yes to heaven, st tropez, meet me in the pale moonlight, queen of disaster, jfk, fine china, hollywood) and loveee dangerous girl, prom song, puppy love, and ridin. can u guys gimme good suggestions? cause a lot of them are bad bad-
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2020.09.17 22:26 andersonlamar [WANTED] TAME IMPALA LIVE VERSIONS 2014 US RSD GREEN VARIANT

Looking to purchase a reasonably priced pressing of Tame Impala's live versions, issued on green vinyl for US Record Store Day 2014. Would pay anywhere from $30-$45.
Tame is an absolutely favorite of mine and this is the only album I'm missing in my collection. Just stumbled upon this green variant and would absolutely loveee to get my hands on a copy.
DM, chat or response here is good
Thanks everyone!
submitted by andersonlamar to VinylCollectors [link] [comments]

2020.09.17 15:11 ChickuToots The Volta hate makes no sense and here's why

OKAY I feel like I've had enough of the unsolicited Volta hate by now and not just because I heavily disagree, but because of one simple reason. Most of the songs on the album are.... very liked among the fanbase? So down below I'm gonna give my opinions on the album as a whole and argue against the critique it gets.
Warning: long read ahead!
Earth intruders: Fantastic song that is so beautifully layered with very lush instruments that give off such a chaotic, yet undeniably catchy vibe. It's the type of raw energy that Björk ALWAYS delivers with. Perfect track opener preparing us for the very distinct, colorful sound that the rest of Volta has to offer.
Wanderlust: Yet again a top tier track delivering that certain element that the song name suggests; wanderlust, the intense feeling of freedom and just saying "fuck it" to the mediocre everyday. This song just beckons forth that sense and it's complex rhythm flows so wonderfully (wondeRFOOL), that it feels like you can almost trace it with your fingers. Very impactful song that is one of Björk's best in my opinion.
The dull flame of desire: admittedly, this is probably the one I enjoy the least on the album along with My juvenile for kinda the same reason. It has an elegant melody that lingers slowly throughout the song, but the verses feel like they drag a little bit at times. Although I very much loved Anohni's contribution on Vulnicura's Atom dance, I feel like her voice doesn't pair fantastically with Björk's on this track. Sometimes when I'm in the mood I'll play this song though, as I still enjoy the buildup towards the end and the rest can feel quite nice at times.
Innocence: Oh boi is this track an energizer, crazy instrumentals that makes you feel like an electric whip is straight up whipping your ears; just pure adrenaline. A Björk instrumental that feels almost like a hybrid between Post and Homogenic, which is a child I'd GLADLY adopt. Love the song's play on the loss of innocence over such an erratic beat as well, it's just soo Björk. Greaaat track.
I see who you are: One of my favorites on the album, the vocals, the lyrics, the instrumentals (esp that scratchy, beautiful guitar sounding one that I don't know the name of). Just wow. Always leaves me breathless, a love song beyond what we can touch, very organic yet so divine. I guess this makes sense since the lyrics touch upon the entirety of a human life and celebrating that time together. Incredible.
Vertebrae by Vertebrae: Again, one of my absolute favorites by her, very chilling and an absolute core twister. The buildup is by far one of the best out of many Björk songs and just makes you feel like you're tip toeing towards an explosive energy. Her vocals are... I'm just beyond words... SPECTACULAR, the best of the best, her raw high notes never fail to send shivers down my spine. Also those consistent trumpets just enhances the track so greatly, really makes it feel as if you're rushing towards something unknown and gut wrenching. Also the lyrics kind of remind me of Pluto's, with how the body just feels like it has a pressure that needs to be released.
Pneumonia: Aaaah another chilling, incredibly beautiful song. Volta just keeps delivering. The lyrics feel very tragic, yet hopeful and uplifting. Again the presence of the trumpets enhances the song so much, but this time with a very solemn tone. The song is so raw and minimalistic, the distant rain sounds, the trumpets and Björk's beaaautiful vocals makes it truly magical. Also the buildup yet again, is so very powerful. I really recommend watching the live version of this song.... one of the best.
Hope: A very abstract song, with lyrics that leaves a sense of wonder and curiosity, kind of like the verses of hyperballad. The somewhat cheerful melody paired along with the lyrics gives off such a unique vibe, I really like it. Instrumentals are wonderful, again that guitar lingers so beautifully along the melody and the electronic drumming makes it very catchy. I find myself singing the chorus quite a lot (can't tell you how many times I've gone "what's the lesson HAAAUUHHHHghh" in the kitchen).
Declare independence: RAISE YOUR FLAG!!!! HIGHER, HIGHER!! RAISE THAT VOLUME!! HIGHER HIGHER!!! so MUCH adrenalinee!!! I want to see this live so BAAAAD. Such a powerful anthem and always manages to hype me up, that very muddy beat is just the beeest and the way it builds up ughhh, sooo good. Ear piercing at it's best. Also loveee the very mysterious breathy verses. Fantastic Vocal performance as always. Love the interlude to the song, very ominous. Might be unpopular but this is also on my top Björk songs list.
My juvenile: Kind of have the same opinion on this as the dull flame of desire, however I will say I really enjoy the very stripped down verses Björk has with that string instrumental in the background. Also the echoing, layered high notes towards the end are also very pretty, feels a bit Vulnicura. I will however say that I expected a bit more out of an album closer, but it's still nice regardless.
So there we have it ladies and gents, as you can see I can't contain my gushing over 90% of the tracks on Volta. I feel like I've seen the majority over on this sub at least, enjoying most of these tracks a lot. I've heard people argue that this album has a flow problem, however contrary to that I want to say that it is one of the best Björk albums when it comes to flow. The interludes on the tracks are great and gives the album a very unique sound. When I want to listen to a whole album at once and feel that special feeling, I oftentimes pick Volta. (Medulla, Homogenic and Vespertine are also popular picks for this)
I get so baffled when it receives so much hate because again, most of the fandom enjoy a majority of these tracks, so it truly confuses me...? Volta haters, feel free to give your opinions and arguments for why you think it's once of the worst Björk albums and Volta stans, feel free to come in and RAISE YOUR FLAGS.
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2020.09.16 04:25 Exreno21 Viper Mini LOVEEE

Viper Mini LOVEEE
I know a ton of people have praised this mouse, but I just got it today and I love it. Previously had a Razer Basilisk v1, was decent for FPS, but I truly love this viper mini. So light, the cable is so much better, feet are better, the fit is great, AND THE PRICE $40 FOR A MOUSE THIS FUCKING GOOD. The only downsides are the sensor, which is almost imperceptible, and the scroll wheel, IMO clicks (or bumps) are too close together. Great mouse anyways, plz buy.
Also hand size 18.5 X 10 cm, fit perfectly for claw/palm grip.
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2020.09.15 03:23 StrangerPager Please get out of my head >~<

Hi! It's 2am right now. He's still in my head. He's a blushy cutie and i cant stop smiling just thinking about him. I'm not the best at showing emotion but I love him very much. I hope he's sleeping well right now. I miss him. I miss all of him. Thinking of it now, please stay in my head <3. I loveee youuu.
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2020.09.15 01:23 0ceansick IMRSF Body Power Split

Would anyone be down to split IMRSF body power? I've done his programs before and LOVEEE them (also can share them if y'all want). It's $55 for preorder so if we get 5 people to split it it's only 11.
EDIT: I got it! If anyone wants it DM me your email!
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2020.09.14 15:34 kamareddine For anyone feeling like shite before step 1

First off, I'm writing this right after sitting for step 1 so it's gonna be raw.
I was supposed to have sat for it 4 months ago and kept getting cancellation after cancellation. Eventually I had to leave to another bloody country and live in a hotel for a month waiting for an opening to do it.
A couple of months ago, studying was going smoothly. I was doing great on uworld, i was going through first aid quickly and efficiently, and then i got my 1st cancellation. Everything went to shit, couldn't motivate myself to study, couldn't be arsed doing uworld, couldn't be arsed reading. I was able to find a spot for the upcoming month but guess what happened? i got cancelled again. Again, shitty studying, no motivation for another month. By this point i'd read first aid once and had around 700 uworld questions to go. Called my testing center to see if i should bother registering another date, got told to piss off. Booked a flight to another country that had working testing centers but by the time i got my testing region change approved, that country didn't have anymore spots. So i packed my shit and went to live there waiting for a spot to open up so i can get this over with. 1 full month later, i fucking did it. I still have 700 uworld questions to go and i only read first aid once and the last time i read anything there was a couple of months ago. All i've been doing for the past month has been assessments and i was doing well enough to justify not studying anymore.
But that's neither here nor there, the reason i'm writing this shit is because for the last week i've been feeling like shite. I was sure i'm gonna fail it, that i don't remember anything, that i'm a weak loser who deserves to fucking fail. But i fucking killed it and it was in big part due to reading people's experiences on this subreddit.
If your studying hasn't been the best, give yourself a break dawg. You know much more than you think you do. Peace and loveee
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2020.09.13 14:34 AppleAyaan [PSN] [H] Credits [W] NCRs

Anyone giving free fennecs lmk!!! Just got this game a month ago loveee the fennec
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2020.09.13 12:15 try_again_oops How do you exercise in your period?

I loveee working out, most of the time it is the only thing that keeps me sane, but whenever I get my period I completely stop because its painful and I don't want to make a mess.
I have been getting my period since I was 9, so I would've thought that by now, I would've figured something out, but I have no idea about what I should do.
My period is finally getting consistent, so I have figured out that I have 2 'types' of periods. One is veryyyy painful cramps for 4 days with moderate bleeding for 8 days. The other is 'minimal' cramps and heavyyy (my underwear looks like a crime scene) kinda bleeding for 8 days.
I think I should use tampons, but tampons and diva cups scare me, I have no idea how to use them and inserting anything kinda freaks me out. I know I should try them, but I don't even know how to use one, I feel like I'd do it wrong.
Thanks in advance 😊
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2020.09.13 02:08 FriedSausageToast Looking for historical dramas

I just finished watching Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, my first ever historical drama. I thought i would like it, but still gave it a go.
WOW! im so in loveee. It left me wanting more, so here i am, asking for you guy’s favorite historical dramas.
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2020.09.12 21:10 scenicorchard Favorite brow gels?

Just recently got into brow gel - have & loveee Glossier's boy brow (brown). I don't fill in my brows, since they're already fairly thick (and I also don't know how lol). Looking for something with a very natural finish. I'd love to repurchase boy brow, but the Glossier tube for it is just so small. Looking to maybe branch out and try a new one!
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2020.09.12 18:49 arrogantbutloyal I swear I don't understand why boys do even exist

I am so in loveee;
Girls are the best;
Girls are the most beautiful life beings;
Girls are the smartest;
Girls are the most perfect;
I love girls so muuuch.
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2020.09.12 02:02 dwrfstr [Thank You] Buttercup fields x4

Thank you so much for sending some encouragement to my coworkers and old coworker. They are decorated so cute! I had never thought to upgrade regular card with washi like you did, loveee it!
submitted by dwrfstr to RandomActsofCards [link] [comments]

2020.09.11 18:05 DaedricLord1995 DAY 45!!!!!

Hey buddies, I reached day 45 hardmode today and I feel like I need some hope and motivation to keep on going, the difference I already feel from not fapping is worth this whole journey, but sometimes I feel nothing won’t change with my libido, so if anybody has succes with theirs or something, please tell me it will all be fine! Loveee!
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2020.09.11 12:35 kainatsodone My parents are not letting me study what I want...

I am a student just out of high school and I loveee biology. I have always wanted to make a career in it and the option is Biotech, Bioscience, Zoology.....and physiotherapy.
I know that all the other option are good too, but recently when I read the full syllabus of Physio, both bachelors and masters, it REALLY APPEALED TO ME. And now I really really wanna do it.
When I told my parents, they were sceptic about the future opportunities of this subject. First, they tried to convince me that it's really related to my subject of interest (Biology). LIKE. SERIOUSLY.
When I read out the full syllabus to them, they were quiet and then said, it is not a respectable job.
I am feeling really sad, and disappointed, that they are not letting me study what I want. The subject is appealing to me, I really feel burdened and sad....
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Loveee Loveee ️ - YouTube Rihanna - loveeeee song (slowed + reverb) - YouTube Simon & Jeanette - Loveee Song - YouTube


  1. Loveee
  2. Loveee ️ - YouTube
  3. Rihanna - loveeeee song (slowed + reverb) - YouTube
  4. Simon & Jeanette - Loveee Song - YouTube
  5. Loveee - YouTube
  6. Rihanna - Love Song ft. Future - YouTube

Rihanna - Loveeeee Song feat. Future Rihanna - Loveeeee Song Rihanna - Loveeeee Song Rihanna - Loveeeee Song Rihanna - Loveeeee Song Rihanna - Loveeeee Song Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Future Ft. Rihanna I own nothing Shallow Cover - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (Daddy Daughter Duet) Mat and Savanna Shaw - Duration: 3:35. Mat and Savanna Shaw Recommended for you