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Central New York native and eternal HBIC Tiffany Pollard is returning to television for an “I Love New York” reunion special.. VH1 announced Thursday that Pollard, who first rose to fame as ... In Central New York, Montgomery County foliage at the Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site will be at peak this weekend, with 90% change and bright orange and yellow leaves, along with some brilliant reds and deep purples. In Chenango County, spotters in Norwich predict 85% or more change this weekend and brilliant peak colors. Peak foliage is also arriving in Otsego County, according to ... Texts from her father, Rich, an accountant from New York who now lives in West Palm Beach but still sounds like a New Yorker, and who once described my skinny jeans in college as “hot pants ... Discover what you LOVE in New York! Use the map to explore 11 Vacation Regions filled with historic sites, abundant waters, natural wonders and more. THOU S AND ISLANDS-SE AW A Y NEW Y ORK CITY L ONG ISLAND HUDSON V ALLEY GRE A TER NI A G ARA FINGER LAKES THE C A T SKILLS CH A U T A UQ U A-ALLEGHENY CENTRAL NEW Y ORK C API T A L-S AR A T O G A ... Love New York week-long city-wide outreach is an opportunity for the church to experience the book of Acts and to grow in hunger to live a lifestyle of intimacy and mission; to do what we were made to do – to know God and make Him known throughout the New York City area. The HBIC is BACK and she's reuniting with some of the men who tried to win her heart during 'I Love New York: Reunited' - MON 11/23 at 8/7c on @VH1!Drop your questions for @TiffanyPollard & her ... Custom metal art, home and wedding decor, wedding favors, wedding welcome bags, and fun gifts to match your Lake George, Adirondacks and New York experience. Adirondacks, Love is on Lake George, Saratoga and New York custom gift Puppy Love is a family-owned, licensed and registered dog breeder located in Lyndonville New York. For over 15 years we’ve been connecting wonderful puppies with wonderful, loving families all over the United States. We specialize in Poodle mixes and purebreds. Created by Cris Abrego, Mark Cronin. With Tiffany Pollard, Kamal Givens, Ahmad Givens, Ezra Masters. The show is a contest between twenty men to compete for New York's heart. In the end she will find her true love.

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2020.10.23 03:08 MattelJones IJW: Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)

This was the sixth feature film directed by John Cassavetes. It's about a New York City parking lot attendant named Seymour Moskowitz who is at loose ends socially and romantically. Meanwhile in Los Angeles a museum curator named Minnie Moore is ending an affair with a married man and finding herself frustrated and disillusioned by romance in general. Interestingly both characters are seen in second run movie theaters watching Casablanca. Seymour views it as a romantic, while Minnie has a cynical view of it (and cinematic romance in general) bemoaning the fact that she's never met anyone like Bogart or Clark Gable and likely never will.
Seymour who is nothing like either of those actors borrows plane fare from his mother and decides to try his luck in Los Angeles where he quickly finds another position as a valet parking attendant. He meets (and rescues) Minnie while she is on a disastrous blind date. But Seymour is an intense NYC character and more than Minnie wants to deal with so it hardly works out to love at first sight.
This movie has a lot of crazy scenes with loneliness, abuse and mania being featured themes. It also has some funny stuff, lots of superior character acting (Timothy Carey appears early on with a great monologue) and an upbeat ending that feels earned by the time you get to it. The film stars Seymour Cassel (a veteran of both John Cassavetes and Wes Anderson films) and Gena Rowlands, with supporting roles played by John Cassavetes, Val Avery and various members of Cassavetes and Rowlands actual families. This is a 1970s film that was bankrolled by Universal but retains a very indie movie style. Cassavetes is an actor's director and Rowland and Cassel do great work here. If you're looking for something different from the standard romcom/drama this is worth checking out.
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2020.10.23 02:46 Ettinsword602 21 [M4F] There's no point in lying. Dating is hard for me. My social skills aren't great because I'm on the Autism Spectrum. But if you could give me a chance, I think I could be a great boyfriend!

Hey, this is me! I'm David, 21 years old from Rochester, New York, and about 6 feet tall. As the post title says, I am autistic but that doesn't stop me from socializing, I love to make people laugh and I actually happen to be good at it (is it my face?). I'm still on the awkward side, however. I don't always feel comfortable with eye contact and I get nervous in overwhelming environments. I've only been on one date, never been kissed. I try my best to understand everybody and show compassion--the people that don't deserve compassion need it the most. I'm not perfect, however, far from it, and I try to work on self-improvement whenever I can.
As for me, I LOVE being creative and I have an overwhelming respect for people in the arts. I'm interested in filmmaking primarily, and I've made a few short films and even won an award! I'm also fond of urban exploration and exploring haunted places, so much that I do little docs/vlogs on them. I own five cats, you can see two of them right here and I'm happy to supply more pictures if needed!
I'm also a Christian, it's something very important to me and I hope you value Christ as well!
I'm looking for a woman who's 18-24, who will go on adventures with me (yes you probably read that in a million bios before) and is willing to take big risks. I'd also love somebody who's passionate about the arts and is open about their feelings. Honesty is the key to any successful relationship.
Thanks for reading my bio! Hope to hear from you soon! :)
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2020.10.23 02:06 Dj_Pio New York, I Love You - New York, te iubesc (2008) - Film Online Subtitrat HD

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2020.10.23 01:35 WhenYouHaveGh0st Yo, are we sleeping on these other Nui Cobalt Releases?

I'm hounding Ajevies website for BPAL Weenie updates (btw she's also decanting all the BPAL/Haute Macabre perfumes and hair glosses; get on those if interested!) and I took a gander at two Nui Cobalt release listings. I... am sorely tempted to buy full packs of these things. Here's what's up for decanting until the 24th:
An exalted amalgam of precious woods and resins to invoke divine grace.Angelica root and flower, frankincense, sandalwood, oakmoss absolute, Siberian fir, amyris, and petitgrain. Wear for bright blessings and good fortune. Anoint your altar and instruments of magic to increase their power.
A shameless scent for seduction and dominance.Honeyed fig, Bourbon vanilla, clove bud, cinnamon, orris root, cardamom, patchouli, nocturnal jasmine and a pinch of catnip. Wear to restore the thrill to long-time love or fan the spark of newfound connection. It imparts joy and confidence in one's own sexual power.* Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.
An artful mixture of rakish wit and intrigue.Warm chai spiked with Caribbean rum, well-worn suede, top-shelf pipe tobacco, and antique cedarwood. Wear to attract opportunities and gain strategic advantage over your adversaries.
A meditative blend for elevation and illumination.Silver needle tea, lotus flower, ambergris accord, cerulean musk, blooming dogwood, and sunlit spring water. Breathe deeply of this scent before bedtime to assist in lucid dreaming and nocturnal pathworking.
An incendiary spell for defiance and insurrection.French Quarter pralines, Haitian vetiver, chicory coffee with a splash of whiskey, bronze musk, black agar, dragon’s blood, and woodsmoke. Anoint court documents, petitions, flyers, ballots, and important letters to amplify their efficacy. Wear to channel righteous rage into meaningful action.
A potion for cleansing and banishing.Lemon verbena, two sages, palo santo, copal, benzoin, bay leaf, and white peppercorn in an infusion of hyssop. Wear to dispel discord and alleviate crossed conditions. Anoint the nape of the neck to remove a curse.
A persuasive potion for influence and esteem.Plum wine, passionfuit, cinnamon, myrrh, fresh ginger, pink pepper, cardamom, anise, and oud. Wear to hold sway over powerful people. Anoint the throat to make your voice heard, understood, and respected.* Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.
The scent of scandalous secrets and whispered enchantments.Satsuma peel, wine-stained linen, beeswax candles, ylang ylang, and red amber. Wear to remain safely in the shadows when your plans require discretion.
A healing and uplifting spell to overcome all manner of infirmity.Lavender, clary sage, tuberose, neroli, sparkling pink grapefruit, coconut water, and vanilla orchid. Wear when recovering from heartbreak, illness, or injury. Anoint the heart chakra to dissolve sadness.
A restorative scent to strengthen and nourish every aspect of Self.Steamed basmati rice, nutmeg, peach skin, neroli, sun dried teakwood, parchment, and porcelain musk. Wear to support and maintain holistic well-being.
Sojourner Truth -- She was born into slavery in New York, fled to freedom with her daughter, then attained legal custody of her son, becoming the first black woman to successfully sue a white slave owner. She spoke widely as an abolitionist and women's rights activist. Her groundbreaking 1851 speech, later titled "Ain't I A Woman," was delivered at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention. The fragrance inspired by her is one of indomitable hope and faith: a sacred incense of amber and sandalwood, Bartlett pears poached with vanilla bean, and a scattering of dry tea and patchouli leaves. Wear this comforting blend for stability and self-assurance.
Pamela Coleman Smith -- She was a black artist and occultist living in turn-of-the-century Europe. Though her name is conspicuously absent, Pamela was responsible for one of the world's most widely recognized and widely distributed works of art: The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. The fragrance inspired by her harkens back to her youth spent in Jamaica: Pimento, spiced golden rum, pineapple, lime zest, and a wisp of incense smoke.
Audrey Hepburn -- An icon, an entertainer, and the very epitome of grace, Audrey Hepburn was simply luminous on stage and screen. But it was her tireless effort to with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund that revealed her immense heart and humanitarian spirit. The fragrance inspired by her is sheer elegance: Earl Grey tea with a slice of peach, sun-dried teakwood, tonka bean, English pipe tobacco, ecru suede, and just a touch of Bulgarian lavender. Wear this scent to evoke unconditional love and the healing power of kindness.
Alan Turing -- One of the most brilliant minds of the Bletchly Park codebreaking team, Alan was instrumental in The Allies' victory in WWII. He advanced the fields of mathematics, computer science, and poshumously, LGBTQ equality. The fragrance inspired by him is a stately, dignified tweed with amber resin, oakwood, sweet pipe tobacco, black tea, and a few scattered rose petals.
Olympe de Gouges -- Born into French aristocracy in the 1700s, she was an unexpected champion of human rights. Olympe wrote bold treatises against slavery and sexism that influenced powerful minds in government. She is credited with the prescient statement, "A woman has the right to mount the scaffold. She must possess equally the right to mount the speaker's platform." She was beheaded in 1793. The fragrance inspired by her is a decidedly bourgeois composition of orange flower, rose, sandalwood, bergamot, and violet infused into ivory leather gloves.
Lucy Hicks Anderson -- An independent, affluent, and well-loved black trans woman, Lucy built an empire of successful brothels in Oxnard, California during the time of Prohibition. She and her husband were subject to harassment and persecution when it was discovered that she had been assigned male at birth. During her trial she stood fast and strong in her identity, saying “I have lived, dressed, acted just what I am, a woman.” The fragrance inspired by her is an ebullient bouquet of Valencia orange, gin and tonic, rich tobacco, Madagascar vanilla and tuberose.
The Soviet Union's 588th Night Bomber Regiment was a formidable foe against the Nazis in WWII. It was also the first all-female regiment, including pilots, ground staff, and crew. Their tactics were as innovative as they were effective, and the German army were so afraid of them that anyone to take down one of their planes was automatically awarded the Iron Cross. Their perfume combines Russia's national symbols, chamomile and white birch grounded in an infusion of saffron, cooled with clary sage, sharpened with subtle anise and clove. Wear this strategic scent to illuminate intellect and amplify ingenuity.
Harriet Tubman -- The woman whom many called "Moses" escaped from slavery, led dozens more to freedom via the Underground Railroad, hundreds more in the raid at Combahee Ferry, and thousands more as a spy for the Union Army in America's Civil War. Once slavery had been abolished, she spent her remaining years in support of women's suffrage. The fragrance inspired by her is an earthy nocturnal blend of vetiver and oakmoss, smoldering copal and frankincense, woodsmoke and steel. Wear this scent to ignite great courage and fierce determination.
Simone de Beauvoir -- A feminist philosopher, writer, and champion of secular ethics, Simone blazed a trail in the Western world for equality, freedom of thought, and the independent spirit. The fragrance inspired by her is a breezy French lavender accented with lime zest and peach, elegant wood musk, morning fog, and a base of labdanum.
Carrie Fisher -- 2020 Version. From her portrayal of the young Rebel leader in 1977's Star Wars to her poignant personal writings about addiction, Carrie was the very picture of courage. She is credited with the rousing battle cry: "Stay afraid, but do it anyway." The fragrance inspired by her is layered and complex: opening with bright white grapefruit and kumquat, maturing into spiced blackcurrant and fig preserves, then grounding itself in myrrh resin, tonka, and sandalwood musk.
Hedy Lamarr -- Lauded by Hollywood as "the most beautiful woman in the world," Hedy Lamarr's true genius was revealed in her invention of the multi-frequency torpedo guidance system. It wasn't implemented by the US military in WWII as she had intended, but it did lay the foundation for Code Division Multiple Access: the system on which modern cell phone communication is built. Her birthday, November 9th, is now known as Inventor's Day in her home country of Austria. The fragrance inspired by her is the scent of Hollywood's Golden Age: sparkling white grapefruit, golden sandalwood, deep amber resin, and fine fur accord. Wear this glamorous scent to reveal your hidden powers and secret strengths.
Rosa Parks -- Prior to her famous bus ride in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa had already been an active member of the NAACP as well as an outspoken advocate for the legal rights of black people. She received countless accolades for her Civil Rights leadership, including the Presidential Medal of Honor and the Congressional Gold Medal. The fragrance inspired by her is living dogwood trees, forget-me-nots, lush gardenia, and a subtle background of maplewood smoke.
Eleanor Rooseve -- ltShe completely reinvented the role of First Lady, trading genteel hospitality for active and outspoken leadership. She stood up for marginalized people, and even after her time in the White House, dedicated her life to social activism as the first United States Representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The fragrance inspired by her is a deep rich mahogany with luxe amber, black tonka bean, delicate white sandalwood, sweet nutmeg, saffron threads and a spritz of tangerine. Wear this bold scent when you need a boost of confidence and optimism.
Shirley Chisholm -- A first-generation American, she was the first black woman to serve in the United States Congress, representing New York's 12th Congressional District. She sought the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, making her the first black person as well as the first woman ever to have done so. The fragrance inspired by her is a strong and sophisticated spiced tea with raw honey and Barbados sugar sipped among the sunlit roses of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Wear this bracing blend for fortitude, diligence, and a sense of humor in the face of all challenges.
ETA formatting changes because I donked it up when I copied/pasted
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2020.10.23 00:48 Mr2501 29 [M4F] Northeast USA/Online - Movie-loving oddball/sappy romantic looking for a hibernation buddy

Hey. 6’1” big hairy “bear”-bodied nerd here, looking for someone comfy to keep in touch with during the lonely winter months! I’m an introvert trying to escape (a bit) from my own head - I love to talk about minds, feelings, theory and works of art with an introspective companion. I work in a school district and do a bit of critical writing - which I’d like to evolve into getting a social work degree and doing creative writing to express myself more intimately. My interests include nerdy stuff like video games and anime, but also “adult” interests like film and philosophy. About these topics, I’m trying to get more serious: I’m trying to watch a new film every day, read literature and philosophy more regularly, and start doing imagination and writing exercises to find my creative voice!
I’m very lonely, though, and I’d really like to make a serious connection in my life that could blossom into something intimate and beautiful. I’d love to meet a similarly introverted fellow twentysomething misfit who’s also interested in the arts, and will hopefully watch, read and discuss things with me! Women who are “too sensitive” and feel things super intensely are... honestly the best. I just relate so much. I wanna share those deep, roiling feelings that nobody else understands. Send me your favorite playlists, show me your art and poetry; let’s do it all together. I love mutually gentle and nurturing dynamics and helping shoulder one another’s burdens. Hopefully at some point we can meet up and spend wonderful days together - taking walks, visiting museums and galleries, all of that. (I live about an hour from New York City - a perfect place for dates, when coronavirus hasn’t shut down everything lmao)
What else? Uhh, I’m a sucker for girls with retro anime/Sailor Moon social media PFPs, petite girls, edgy goths, pretentious “art hoes”, bookish academics, hairy nature-loving hippies, etc. I like to talk over other messaging apps more than Reddit. I’m awkward over voice chat but open up eventually!
Let’s talk!
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2020.10.23 00:40 DealsPoster Nintendo Switch Weekly eShop Sale (Full List)

List of Nintendo Switch games that went on sale in the last week on eShop:

You can order the list by Metacritic, Price, Discount...etc..

Title Price % Off End Date Metacritic
#KILLALLZOMBIES $11.99 40% 11/5 -
1979 Revolution: Black Friday $3.59 70% 11/4 77
88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition $5.99 80% 11/1 65
A Magical High School Girl $1.99 87% 10/26 -
A Winter's Daydream $2.99 50% 11/5 -
AER Memories of Old $4.99 75% 11/11 73
Aery - Little Bird Adventure $3.98 43% 11/11 -
AFL Evolution 2 $42.49 15% 10/27 -
Alder's Blood $9.99 50% 11/6 74
Alien Cruise $3.60 68% 11/1 -
Anima: Gate of Memories $6.99 65% 11/1 6.1
Anima: Gate of Memories - Arcane Edition $10.49 65% 11/1 -
Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles $6.99 65% 11/1 -
ANIMUS $3.99 50% 11/9 -
ANIMUS: Harbinger $3.99 50% 11/9 6.9
Anthill $3.99 60% 11/1 65
Archaica: The Path Of Light $4.94 67% 11/2 -
Assassin's Creed III: Remastered $19.99 50% 11/1 60
Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection $19.99 50% 11/1 80
Atomic Heist $1.99 75% 10/27 -
Awe $1.99 60% 11/1 -
Bargain Hunter $8.74 30% 11/1 -
Battle Princess Madelyn $4.99 75% 11/9 65
Battle Princess Madelyn Royal Edition $3.74 75% 11/9 -
Beat Cop $3.49 77% 10/31 70
Bibi & Tina – Adventures with Horses $20.99 30% 11/5 -
Bibi & Tina at the horse farm $20.99 30% 11/5 -
Bibi Blocksberg – Big Broom Race 3 $20.99 30% 11/5 -
Birds and Blocks $1.99 60% 11/10 -
Blacksad: Under the Skin $19.99 60% 10/28 60
Blair Witch $14.99 50% 11/5 59
Bleed $2.99 75% 11/4 75
Bleed 2 $3.74 75% 11/4 79
Blood Waves $4.99 50% 11/5 -
BringIt to MOM $1.99 90% 11/1 -
Bubble Cats Rescue $1.59 60% 11/9 -
Bulb Boy $2.24 75% 11/5 75
Bullet Battle: Evolution $7.49 50% 11/9 -
Bunny Adventure $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Cake Laboratory $1.99 33% 11/11 -
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger $11.99 40% 11/3 72
Captain StarONE $4.99 50% 10/30 -
Card Game Bundle Vol. 1 $3.59 85% 11/4 -
Caretaker $4.79 40% 10/31 -
Cars 3: Driven to Win $9.99 75% 11/2 59
Chaos on Deponia $4.99 75% 11/11 -
Child of Light Ultimate Edition $4.99 75% 11/1 84
Children of Morta $12.99 41% 10/31 80
Circle of Sumo $4.99 50% 10/26 5.3
Clouds & Sheep 2 $2.49 75% 10/29 -
Clumsy Rush $2.99 40% 8 hours -
Color Zen Kids $3.19 20% 11/9 -
Conga Master Party! $1.99 80% 11/1 71
Cooking Tycoons - 3 in 1 Bundle $6.49 50% 11/9 -
Crawl $4.99 67% 11/4 82
Creepy Brawlers $1.99 60% 11/5 -
Crown Trick $17.99 10% 8 hours 79
Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition $3.99 80% 11/11 86
Cube Creator X $9.99 50% 11/11 -
Curious Cases $3.99 20% 10/31 -
Curious Expedition $10.04 33% 11/1 68
Cyber Protocol $1.99 80% 8 hours 71
Cycle 28 $2.09 70% 10/29 69
Dark Burial $1.99 50% 10/27 -
Darksiders Genesis $26.79 33% 11/5 74
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition $14.99 50% 11/5 77
Darksiders Warmastered Edition $14.99 50% 11/5 77
Dead Dungeon $1.99 60% 10/27 6.4
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today $3.89 74% 11/1 72
Death Road to Canada $7.49 50% 11/4 79
Death Squared $2.99 80% 11/6 78
Decay of Logos $9.99 50% 11/1 5.8
Demon's Crystals $4.94 67% 11/1 -
DEMON'S TILT $11.99 40% 11/1 -
Deployment $0.99 90% 10/25 -
Deponia $3.99 90% 11/11 64
Deponia Doomsday $4.99 75% 11/11 -
Detective Driver: Miami Files $4.79 60% 11/6 -
Doggie Ninja The Burning Strikers $5.00 38% 11/6 -
Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission $2.00 75% 11/6 -
Don't Die, Mr Robot! $2.24 75% 11/4 72
Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition $4.99 75% 11/2 78
DragonFangZ - The Rose & Dungeon of Time $12.49 50% 11/6 6.6
DreamGallery $2.99 50% 11/6 -
Drift Legends $4.99 50% 11/11 -
Drowning $1.49 50% 11/5 -
eCrossminton $7.94 47% 11/1 -
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes $6.99 65% 11/11 -
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition $6.99 65% 11/11 66
Eight-Minute Empire: Complete Edition $7.49 50% 10/27 -
Elden: Path of the Forgotten $10.39 35% 11/5 63
Escape First $3.99 20% 10/31 -
Fantasy Tower Defense $2.49 50% 32 hours -
Farabel $1.99 80% 10/26 -
fault - milestone one $8.99 40% 10/26 -
Felix The Reaper $2.49 90% 11/11 67
Fight Crab $16.99 15% 17 hours 70
FLIP OVER FROG $0.99 87% 11/10 -
Flipping Death $3.99 80% 11/1 83
Freaky Awesome $3.89 70% 11/1 -
Galaxy Champions TV $1.29 82% 11/2 65
Gem Smashers $6.99 30% 11/5 -
GIGA WRECKER ALT. $12.49 50% 11/1 67
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal $4.99 75% 11/1 -
Glass Masquerade $2.99 75% 11/4 -
Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions $5.99 50% 11/4 -
Goodbye Deponia $4.99 75% 11/11 77
Goonya Fighter $0.99 96% 11/10 7.4
Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny $9.59 20% 10/29 -
Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing $2.99 70% 11/8 -
Grimshade $18.74 25% 11/4 -
Gunman Clive HD Collection $1.99 50% 11/5 -
Hacky Zack $2.49 75% 11/4 -
Heart&Slash $4.94 67% 11/1 6.3
Hello Kitty Kruisers With Sanrio Friends $20.96 30% 11/1 5.1
Hexa Maze $13.99 30% 11/5 -
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! $4.49 70% 11/1 70
Holy Potatoes! We're In Space?! $4.49 70% 11/1 -
Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! $10.50 30% 11/1 -
Hypnospace Outlaw $14.99 25% 11/5 84
I, Zombie $1.99 60% 11/6 64
Indie Darling Bundle Vol 2 $5.24 85% 11/4 -
Indie Puzzle Bundle Vol 1 $5.99 85% 11/4 -
INK $2.24 75% 11/4 68
Invisible, Inc. Nintendo Switch Edition $14.99 25% 11/2 -
Isoland 2 - Ashes of Time $2.50 31% 11/1 -
Istanbul: Digital Edition $9.99 50% 10/27 -
It's Spring Again $0.99 50% 11/5 -
Jeopardy! $7.99 60% 11/1 -
Jurassic Pinball $2.00 33% 11/8 -
Just Dance 2020 $19.99 50% 11/1 74
Kakurasu World $0.99 67% 11/5 -
Kawaii Deathu Desu $3.49 30% 11/12 -
Kingdom: New Lands $2.99 80% 11/3 74
Layers of Fear: Legacy $3.99 80% 11/5 80
LEGO CITY Undercover $8.99 70% 11/2 78
LEGO DC Super-Villains $17.99 70% 11/2 75
LEGO DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition $22.49 70% 11/2 -
LEGO Harry Potter Collection $12.49 75% 11/2 73
LEGO Jurassic World $11.99 70% 11/2 71
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 $8.99 70% 11/2 76
LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game $12.49 75% 11/2 66
LEGO The Incredibles $17.99 70% 11/2 65
LEGO Worlds $8.99 70% 11/2 59
Leopoldo Manquiseil $1.99 50% 11/1 -
Little Triangle $6.75 55% 11/1 74
Lonely Mountains: Downhill $14.99 25% 11/5 84
Lost Artifacts: Time Machine $3.99 60% 11/5 -
Lovecraft´s Untold Stories $6.89 54% 11/1 -
Mad Carnage $0.29 94% 10/26 46
Marblelous Animals $1.99 60% 11/1 -
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle $14.99 75% 11/1 85
Mark of the Ninja: Remastered $4.99 75% 11/2 89
MazezaM - Puzzle Game $4.12 25% 11/1 -
Mecho Tales $0.09 91% 11/11 43
Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes $0.65 93% 11/11 -
Mechstermination Force $2.39 80% 11/5 79
Mega Man 11 $14.99 50% 10/30 80
Mega Man Legacy Collection $10.04 33% 10/30 83
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 $9.99 50% 10/30 77
Mega Man X Legacy Collection $9.99 50% 10/30 84
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 $9.99 50% 10/30 60
Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection $22.49 25% 10/30 83
MONOPOLY $9.99 75% 11/1 53
Monster Dynamite $13.99 30% 11/5 -
Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 3 $19.99 60% 11/5 67
Monster Loves You $1.99 80% 11/5 -
Moonlighter $8.49 66% 10/31 83
Mortal Kombat 11 $19.99 60% 11/2 78
Moto Rush GT $0.99 93% 11/9 7.4
MotoGP20 $19.99 50% 11/5 -
Mushroom Quest $0.29 90% 10/26 -
My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!? $2.49 90% 10/26 -
My Universe - My Baby $20.99 30% 10/28 -
Neon City Riders $13.99 30% 11/3 61
Nerdook Bundle Vol. 1 $4.49 85% 11/4 -
Neverout $1.99 73% 11/3 62
Nightmare Boy $1.99 80% 11/1 61
Ninja Shodown $2.99 80% 11/1 61
Nirvana Pilot Yume $2.99 40% 8 hours -
NORTH $1.49 50% 11/5 66
Null Drifter $2.49 50% 11/12 -
Nullum $1.39 30% 11/10 -
Observer $8.99 70% 11/5 75
Offroad Racing - Buggy X ATV X Moto $9.99 50% 10/28 -
Omega Strike $3.74 75% 11/4 -
OMG Police - Car Chase TV Simulator $1.99 60% 8 hours -
One Person Story $2.00 33% 10/27 6.6
Oniken: Unstoppable Edition & Odallus: The Dark Call Bundle $4.99 75% 11/4 -
OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense $0.99 88% 11/1 5.5
Panda Hero $7.49 50% 11/5 -
Paranautical Activity $2.39 70% 11/4 -
Parking Madness $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Party Planet $2.99 85% 11/1 46
Pato Box $4.49 70% 11/3 74
Perfect Traffic Simulator $1.99 80% 8 hours -
Pet Shop Snacks $0.49 90% 11/9 -
Pipe Push Paradise $2.74 75% 11/4 -
Pixel Action Heroes $3.99 20% 11/9 6.9
Plague Road $0.99 93% 11/11 -
PLOID SAGA $2.39 80% 11/6 -
Polandball: Can Into Space $2.24 25% 10/28 -
Poopdie - Chapter One $3.35 33% 11/5 -
Project Starship $2.49 50% 11/12 -
Purrs In Heaven $2.44 65% 11/5 -
Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn $1.49 90% 11/9 -
Quest for the Golden Duck $1.99 80% 11/2 -
Rad Rodgers Radical Edition $7.49 75% 10/29 62
Rain City $4.45 41% 11/1 -
Rayman Legends Definitive Edition $9.99 75% 11/1 84
Red Death $2.49 50% 11/12 -
Red's Kingdom $2.99 70% 11/1 66
Rest in Pieces $1.99 75% 11/7 67
Restless Hero $3.49 50% 10/29 -
Rhythm of the Gods $2.24 75% 10/26 -
RICO $9.99 50% 11/1 70
Rift Keeper $4.99 50% 11/5 -
RISK Global Domination $9.99 50% 11/1 -
RIVE: Ultimate Edition $1.99 87% 11/5 82
Riverbond $7.49 70% 11/2 60
Robox $1.99 80% 11/5 -
Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX $2.99 70% 11/8 -
Rogue Bit $2.49 50% 11/2 -
Rollin' Eggz $1.99 33% 11/11 -
Rooms: The Adventure of Anne & George $5.90 61% 11/1 -
Rune Factory 4 Special $29.99 25% 10/29 81
Scribblenauts Mega Pack $9.99 75% 11/2 76
Scribblenauts Showdown $9.99 75% 11/2 47
Sea Salt $9.89 34% 11/2 -
Shift Happens $2.99 80% 11/11 -
Shikhondo - Soul Eater $4.19 70% 11/4 5.3
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment $6.99 30% 11/1 84
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove $27.99 30% 11/1 91
Sigi - A Fart for Melusina $2.49 50% 11/5 52
Silence $3.99 90% 11/11 75
Skelly Selest & Straimium Immortaly Double Pack $5.99 70% 11/4 -
Sky Racket $3.74 75% 17 hours 72
Sky Ride $0.99 86% 11/10 -
Slots of Poker at Aces Casino $3.99 50% 11/1 -
Solitaire Deluxe Bundle - 3 in 1 $2.99 80% 11/9 -
South Park: The Fractured but Whole - Standard Edition $14.99 75% 11/1 80
South Park: The Stick of Truth $11.99 60% 11/1 82
Spectrum $2.39 80% 11/4 -
Speed 3: Grand Prix $35.99 10% 11/10 -
Speed Dating for Ghosts $2.09 70% 11/1 -
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy $14.99 50% 11/5 61
Spirit Roots $1.98 72% 11/2 -
Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition $14.99 75% 11/1 -
Starman $0.99 89% 11/11 -
State of Mind $3.99 90% 11/11 63
SteamWorld Dig $2.49 75% 11/1 75
SteamWorld Dig 2 $7.99 60% 11/1 88
SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition $4.99 75% 11/1 91
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech $12.49 50% 11/1 81
Stellar Interface $1.99 85% 11/1 -
STELLATUM $7.49 50% 11/5 -
Stick It to The Man $2.39 80% 11/1 74
Storm In A Teacup $2.09 30% 11/1 -
STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town $34.99 30% 10/29 77
Streets of Red - Devil's Dare Deluxe $5.99 40% 11/1 79
SubaraCity $2.50 50% 10/30 62
Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition $12.99 35% 11/4 73
Super Arcade Soccer $2.09 70% 11/8 -
Super Chariot $1.49 90% 11/4 76
Super One More Jump $0.98 86% 11/1 81
Super Punch Patrol $4.49 10% 11/5 75
Super Street: Racer $17.49 56% 11/1 66
SuperMash $1.99 90% 11/4 51
Swap This! $1.99 60% 11/5 59
Swords & Soldiers $1.99 73% 11/5 72
Syberia $4.90 67% 11/4 76
Syberia 2 $1.49 95% 11/4 68
Syberia 3 $9.99 80% 11/4 -
Tamashii $5.99 50% 11/4 -
Tangle Tower $13.99 30% 10/25 85
The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition $1.99 60% 11/11 -
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human $3.89 70% 11/4 7.2
The Bunker $6.49 50% 11/5 60
The Experiment: Escape Room $3.19 20% 10/31 -
The Great Perhaps $4.99 50% 11/2 -
The Last Campfire $11.99 20% 10/26 81
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame $11.99 70% 11/2 56
The Long Journey Home $5.99 80% 11/11 58
The Mooseman $3.49 50% 11/5 70
The Office Quest $3.59 70% 11/5 -
The Outer Worlds $47.99 20% 10/30 66
The Raven Remastered $14.99 50% 11/5 74
The Tower of Beatrice $2.99 50% 11/5 -
Them Bombs! $9.79 30% 11/8 -
Theme Park Simulator: Roller Coaster & Thrill Rides $7.94 47% 11/1 -
They Breathe $2.67 33% 11/5 -
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition $2.24 75% 11/4 59
Time Tenshi $10.49 30% 11/1 -
Toki $2.95 80% 10/28 66
Toki Tori $1.99 60% 11/5 82
Toki Tori 2+: Nintendo Switch Edition $1.99 87% 11/5 84
Tower Climb $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Tower Of Time $16.23 35% 11/4 -
Towertale $1.99 80% 11/5 -
Trailblazers $5.99 80% 11/1 62
Treasure Stack $3.99 80% 10/31 5.2
Trials Rising $5.99 70% 11/1 78
TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! $9.99 50% 11/1 6.1
Ubongo $9.09 35% 10/26 -
Ultimate Runner $13.99 30% 11/5 -
Uncanny Valley $2.49 75% 11/4 -
Underhero $10.18 40% 11/4 86
UNO $3.99 60% 11/1 69
Unrailed! $14.99 25% 11/12 69
Up Cliff Drive $1.80 70% 11/5 -
Valfaris & Slain Double Pack $13.99 65% 11/4 -
Valiant Hearts: The Great War $4.99 75% 11/1 77
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York $11.69 10% 10/29 65
Vertical Drop Heroes HD $2.49 75% 11/4 -
Viviette $6.99 30% 11/5 58
War Theatre $0.65 93% 11/11 -
Wheel of Fortune $7.99 60% 11/1 -
Wide Ocean Big Jacket $3.19 60% 11/1 79
Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge $6.89 54% 11/1 75
Windmill Kings $1.99 80% 11/2 -
WordHerd $1.99 67% 10/25 -
World Soccer Pinball $2.00 33% 11/8 -
World Tree Marché $5.99 50% 10/30 -
Wuppo: Definitive Edition $4.99 67% 10/29 -
Wurroom $0.99 50% 11/5 -
WWE 2K Battlegrounds $29.99 25% 10/29 56
Zarvot $9.99 50% 41 hours 72
Zenith $7.49 50% 11/1 -
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2020.10.23 00:38 looooshismaywhether I have been happily surrounded by lovely Purple Finches today! (New York)

I have been happily surrounded by lovely Purple Finches today! (New York) submitted by looooshismaywhether to birding [link] [comments]

2020.10.22 23:57 Mafnas22 (SELLING) Added lots of NEW codes. RESTOCKED on 4K Disney + 4K Marvel + 4K Pixar titles for iTunes. TV Shows + Collection Sets. Lots of NEW DISNEY HD titles for GooglePlay and iTunes. Lots of 4K titles at bottom of list.

CURRENTLY UPDATING POST AT THE MOMENT — lots of NEW shipment arrived the past week but I have been busy with my main job. Check back often for more titles!
Venmo - CashApp - ppFF — I’ll also accept TARGET giftcards
Take a look at the bottom of listing for Terms Of Sale
Codes are verified again right before sending to you
ISO: Justice League vs Fatal Five
COPS - 1980 - Fighting Crime In A Future Time - All x65 episodes with 24hrs of showtime. — Redeem at Millcreek only - $15
————————— Star Wars titles
4K Rogue One - A Star Wars Story - iTunes $5 (LOTS AVAILABLE)
4K Solo - A Star Wars Story - iTunes $10
4K Star Wars 4 - A New Hope - iTunes $9
4K Star Wars 5 - Empire Strikes Back - iTunes $9
4K Star Wars 6 - Return Of The Jedi - iTunes $9
4K Star Wars 7 - Force Awakens - iTunes $7
4K Star Wars 8 - Last Jedi - iTunes $7
4K Star Wars 9 - Rise Of Skywalker - MA / iTunes $9
Star Wars COMPLETE SAGA 11-FILM for GooglePlay $55 - Phantom Menace + Attack Of The Clones + Revenge Of The Sith + New Hope + Empire Strikes Back + Return Of The Jedi + Force Awakens + Last Jedi + Rise Of Skywalker + Rogue One - A Star Wars Story + Solo - A Star Wars Story
—————🔥 DEALS
Big Little Lies - FULL Season 1 - $5 i
Big Little Lies - FULL Season 1 - $5 GP
Crazy Rich Asians - MA $5 (LOTS AVAILABLE)
In loving memory of Chadwick Boseman
Black Panther - $2 GP (LOTS AVAILABLE)
Black Panther - $2 MA (LOTS AVAILABLE)
4K Black Panther - $5 iTunes (LOTS AVAILABLE)
Boardwalk Empire - Complete Series - $30 iTunes / $30 GP
Deadwood - Complete Series - $25 GP / $35 Vudu or $25 if you spend additional $25
Entourage - Complete Series - Season 1-8 - $40 GP
Focus Feature 10-Movie Spotlight Collection - Lost In Translation + On the Basis of Sex + Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind + Pride and Prejudice + Brokeback Mountain + Atonement + Theory of Everything + Burn After Reading + Moonrise Kingdom + Harriet - $35 MA
Game Of Thrones - Season 1-7 ONLY - $45 GP or FREE with any $70 purchase (have given lots of these away already and still stocked up)
Hobbit 3 - Battle Of The Five Armies - Extended - $6 MA
Jurassic Park 5-Movie - MA $27 (LAST SET AVAILABLE)
True Blood - Complete Series - $20 GP / $25 iTunes
Wire - Complete Series - ~~$30 Vudu / $30 iTunes or FREE with $50 purchase~~
——————————————— NEWLY ADDED but also lots of new titles in other sections as well
42 - Jackie Robinson Story - MA $6
Aladdin - 1992 - MA $8
Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - GP $5
4K Ant-Man And The Wasp - i $7 (only x3 available)
4K A Wrinkle In Time - i $6
4K Book Club - i $3
Boxtrolls - V $7 - most likely PORTS to MA as the iTunes portion ported to MA
Boxtrolls - i $7
Breaking In - Unrated - MA $5
4K Captain America - First Avenger - i $8
Christopher Robin - i $8
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Orange Is The New Black S4 - V $5
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Quantum Of Solace - V $5
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2020.10.22 22:11 ar_david_hh Oct/22/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ close-up video of jihadists hired by Azerbaijan; comrade left to die; narcotics \\ battlefield & footage \\ international community responds \\ Artsakh Republic continues to gain recognition \\ humanitarian aid \\ the man, the legend \\ more...

Prior events:
October 21, October 20, October 19, October 18, October 17, October 16, October 15, October 14, October 13, October 12, October 11 , October 10, October 9 , October 8 , October 7, October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27.

video showing the jihadists hired by Azerbaijan / buddy left for dead

0:07: a large group is filmed while climbing a hill
0:10: militants likely under the influence of a substance. Irregular body movements are seen. Someone collapses. The army had earlier found "numbing" syringes under Azeri soldiers' possession.
0:19: their behavior indicates a complete lack of proper military training
0:29: a few of them are wearing uniform not belonging to the Azeri army
0:43: a complete disregard for a fellow soldier. A wounded soldier is seen laying on the ground while raising his hand to ask another nearby soldier for help. The guy leaves him to die. The wounded soldier is seen crawling down the hill all alone.
(All the terrorists were neutralized after filming the video, says the memo)

a few things from yesterday

American high-tech company Viasat has ended the sales of components to Turkey over the use of Turkish drones in the war crimes against Artsakh civilians.
An Armenian activist had met the Viasat director Ken Peterman, who said "They will not receive our products anymore, I am very grateful for these peaceful protests to stop this terrorism."
Protests were also held in front of the Lockheed Martin military company's facility in Louisville, Colorado. The protesters demanded the suspension of component sales to Turkey. "Armenia wants a world without war, while Turkey wants a world without Armenia."
Viasat: https://twitter.com/rn2nps/status/1319013421380112384?s=21
Lockheed: https://twitter.com/simonforco/status/1319047404520394752?s=20
Lockheed: https://news.am/arm/news/609183.html
The husband of Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris works at a law firm DLA Piper, which was lobbying for Azerbaijan. The law firm has dropped Azerbaijan Railways as a client.
The Livingston Group lobbyists have also dropped Azerbaijan as a client.
The terrorist who beheaded the French doctor in Paris allegedly had contacts with the Syrian terrorist cell Hayat Tahrir al-Cham, which has been preparing militants for deployment in Libya and Karabakh. One of its facilities was recently bombed by the Russian air force.

October 22nd events / battlefield / international response / donations and demonstrations

00:06: first lady Anna Hakobyan has congratulated Kim Kardashian on her 40th anniversary. "Ծնունդդ շնորհավոր, մեր շատ սիրելի Kim Kardashian West."
Kardashian said her best birthday gift was the decision by the Library of Congress to change the term "Armenian Massacres" to "Armenian Genocide".
"This is a message to Turkey," said Representative Adam Schiff.
https://news.am/arm/news/609175.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032374.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032479.html
3:18: a video showing Armenian soldiers using a tractor to dig a hole and bury several bodies of Azeri soldiers. The Aliyev regime refuses to collect their bodies.
[link intentionally redacted]
5:15: Iranian authorities have arrested 66 pan-Turkish ultra-nationalists in northern Iran who were demanding the closure of the border with Armenia.
6:52: the Parliament of Canada's Ontario state has criticized Turkey and Azerbaijan for aggression and called for Turkey's expulsion from NATO.
Canada had earlier suspended the sale of military components that Turkey was using to build TB2 drones.
7:06: Australia's New South Wales Parliament has two chambers. The upper chamber (Council) recognized the Artsakh Republic back in 2012.
The lower chamber (Assembly) recognized it yesterday with 61-2 votes.
9:36 army: the night was stable-tense. Localized battles continue across the whole border, including in the center, where the Azeris made a failed infiltration attempt.
9:52: Azerbaijan used artillery against civilian Martuni and surrounding settlements. The night was calm.
21:54: Martakert and nearby settlements were bombed.
33,000 students are unable to go to school in Artsakh due to the bombings.
Images: https://t.me/infocomm/24079?single
10:24: Armenian MoD refuted Azeri claims of firing ballistic missiles at Gabala and Kyurdamiri.
LHK MP Marukyan: I'm confident that whatever happened in Gabala and Kyurdamiri was the latest terrorist attack by the terrorists imported by Azerbaijan.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032373.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609226.html
10:41: The US city of Fowler, California has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic and condemned Azerbaijan for the aggression.
10:44: army shared footage showing the destruction of an Azeri military facility/equipment.
11:31: Yerevan My Love Foundation has a new program that provides psychological care to Artsakh refugee children.
11:57: mayors and governors across Armenia began recruiting and organizing groups of volunteers to defend the front.
ex-NSS chief Major General Arthur Vanetsyan and members of his Hayreniq party will join the front lines.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032381.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609227.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609348.html
12:21 army spokesman: localized fierce battles continue in various locations. Various enemy groups are being neutralized.
12:24 Artsakh president Arayik from the frontline: Dear compatriots, I would like to address you while being only a few hundred meters from the front line.
To win, we must believe in it. Faith has the greatest power. I am confident that we will win. I want all our churches to pray for our martyrs and of course, for the soldiers fighting on the front lines.
I want every Armenian to pray every day for our victory. I want the unity we have today to continue. I want you all to realize that the future of our nation depends on you.
I want you to fulfill your duty to the Homeland, and if possible, in the front lines. They are waiting for you at the border more than ever. Do your duty to the Homeland with honor. This is our հայրենական պատերազմ. We will win.
13:20 Arayik: I return from the front line with new and updated strength, every single time. The fighting spirit of our boys only inspires great confidence in victory. The close cooperation of the professional military, conscripts and the volunteers, and the ability to act side by side are proven every day.
Video: https://youtu.be/t5OmS_0ptlo?t=25
12:47: Artsakhtsi women held a demonstration in front of the US embassy in Yerevan and met a representative to pass a letter condemning the aggression and urging the US to take action.
13:09: Byurakan Observatory has been housing Artsakh refugee families in its guest house. Children go to school in Byurakan village, while at Byurakan Observatory they receive simplified courses about astrology astronomy and science.
During the school break, they will take a trip to TUMO tech-science education center for a special course.
Once a week, a group of bloggers teaches them how to use an equipment for video content production.
13:32: army spokesman shared a video of "Hog Tar" volunteers gathering food for Artsakh refugees.
13:51: Iranian Telegram outlet Azariha published a video showing damage done to an Iranian house near the border.
"Houses in the bordering areas were destroyed due to Baku's actions of installing its forces on the Iranian border. Instead of deploying their positions in the north-south direction, Baku forces have been deployed in the east-west direction," the Iranian channel wrote, reminding that Azerbaijan is also flying drones into Iran, in addition to deploying terrorists on the Iranian border.
Over 70 bombs fell in Iran since September 27th.
Video: https://youtu.be/g6-NcYS5Zco
Video: https://t.me/ir_Azariha/11294
14:01: a stellite photo allegedly showing Turkish Bayraktar and Israeli Elbit Herpes 900 drones parked in an airport in Yevlakh.
40°37'33.0"N 47°08'18.1"E
14:04: New York Post published an article written by the former Foreign Minister Raffi Hovannisian. "Turkey leads new atrocities against Armenians."
14:06: the Himnadram fund launched a new "50 PLUS" campaign yesterday, urging monthly donations to www.HimnaDram.org. Records show that thousands of US and Western European Armenians have already joined.
"Now is the time for the consolidation of pan-Armenian resources, when millions of Armenians stand like one fist, where the involvement of everyone is very important."
14:09: QP Party organized a group of volunteers and sent them to the southern front.
14:20: the Parliament of Catalonia has passed a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's bombings of Artsakh civilians.
14:30: Colonel Garegin Poghosyan has received the title of the National Hero for "extraordinary service and devotion".
14:59: American actor David Henrie (Reagan, Paul Blart, Mind Games, How I met Your Mother, etc.) shared a message of solidarity with Armenia.
Designer Michael Costello shared a photo of a mask featuring the Armenian flag. "I know I’m not Armenian but I am human. It is extremely painful for me to see the people of Armenia going through so much, and all my Armenian friends, families and workers have been affected by this."
15:37: former United Nations analyst Alfred Morris. "The tragedy in Nagorno-Karabakh has only one solution: the international recognition of Artsakh, just as it was done for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo."
16:15: the Armenian delegation in the EAEU trade bloc has introduced a resolution to suspend non-member Turkey's privileged access to EAEU's favorable tariff system, which was granted to some 103 developing or poorly developed countries.
16:16: legendary Azeri reporter, deputy, and generally a Swiss-army-knife-man Ibrahim had earlier published a poorly scripted video of an Armenian woman Azniv, who told the approaching Azeri soldiers they were "welcome back to their homeland".
The Red Cross has found an Armenian POW with that name and spoke with her to learn about her condition. This wouldn't be the first time Azerbaijan forces POWs to read a script for the camera. A few months earlier, a man was captured near the border and was visibly forced to read pro-Azerbaijan propaganda for a video message.
16:43: the church continues to receive donations from its branches around the world. Over a quarter-million $ raised.
17:10: ten Armenian and international artists performed in front of the Austrian Parliament for 1.5 hours to call for the official recognition of Artsakh's right to self-determination.
17:30: names of 40 deceased soldiers were identified and published. Total of 874. Later that day 26 more names were published.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032430.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609339.html
17:34 over 60 members of the International Association of Genocide Scholars see a threat of genocide against Artsakh civilians. They condemned the aggression by Azerbaijan and Turkey and the targeting of the Shushi church.
18:02: BHK MP Melkumyan participated in a meeting organized by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, during which he raised awareness of the aggression and Azerbaijan's import of terrorists from Syria.
18:04: the following soldiers have received medals for a successful counter-attack: Major Samvel H., Captain Ishkhan K., Lieutenants Armen S., Monte. G. and Noah S.
Dozens of others have received various medals for bravery.
18:26: a group of journalists from Banak fell under an Azeri fire somewhere in the north. No injuries.
18:30: Canada has called for third countries [Turkey] not to meddle in the Artsakh conflict, and donated $300,000 to Red Cross for humanitarian activities in Artsakh.
18:59: the mayor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts expressed solidarity with Armenia. One of the city school board members lost a family member in Artsakh front lines.
19:06: Armenians held a demonstration in Jerusalem. They called for the end of arms supplies to Azerbaijan and the recognition of Artsakh.
19:15: Azeri soldier Emin Bashkhalin Zahir Oglu was captured a while ago and is receiving medical care in a hospital. He revealed details about Turkish specialists' presence in Azerbaijan and how three of them visited his unit to conduct training.
"I could tell from the way they spoke and the uniform they wore. The training course was mostly prepared by them. It lasted 10-15 days. They remained in our command centers, and without their permission, our commanders cannot make decisions."
Video: https://www.facebook.com/100004821670539/videos/1453882921449083/
19:26: Russian MoD denied reports about plans to drop Russian paratroopers in Artsakh. A media outlet earlier twisted a certain non-Kremlin official's words who said something about possibly increasing military presence in Armenia's Gyumri base.
19:29: Turkish Lira continues to dive. It hit a new record-low 7.97 per $. That's a 2% devaluation in a day. "This is unprecedented for countries with emerging market economies."
19:35 Artsakh official: there are heavy battles on the outskirts of villages Jivani and Sheker. The enemy has numerous losses. [it's 6km north-west of southern Fizuli]
19:56: the army shot down another Turkish Bayraktar drone and published the video of the remnants:
20:19: MoD Davit Tonoyan met the residents of settlements near the line of contact. "The fighting spirit of the residents is high with the determination to protect the homeland."
20:52: Norwegian MP Bjørnar Moxnes has urged the govt to end weapon and component sales to Turkey. "Norway cannot ignore the new humanitarian crisis created in Karabakh by NATO-member Turkey'."
20:54: Putin gave a press conference during which he was asked a few things about the Artsakh conflict. Some parts:
"Each side has 2k deaths. 2mln Armenians and 2mln Azeris live in Russia. Both countries have close ties with Russia. This conflict is a great tragedy for Russia."
"It is a fact that crimes were committed against Armenian civilians in Sumgayit and Karabakh when the war began. This conflict began as an ethnic conflict, not a territorial one, and we cannot ignore that."
"Russia's neutral position allows both sides to trust Russia. I speak with Pashinyan and Aliyev several times a day about possible mutual concessions around Karabakh."
21:07: Russian Interfax asked Pashinyan if he'd agree to install peacekeepers. Pashinyan said yes but Azerbaijan wants Turkish soldiers to be present, which makes it impossible.
"The issue of Karabakh's status is fundamental for us."
"Diplomatic resolution means mutual concessions. Every time Armenia agrees to concession, Azerbaijan wants even more. This has been going on for at least the past 9 years.
If Azerbaijan doesn't change its stance, it's not realistic to talk about a diplomatic solution. It's necessary to use diplomacy to change Azerbaijan's stance. I value the work done by the Minsk Group."
21:31: Armenians held a pro-Artsakh demonstration in the state of Alaska. They were joined by ethnic Greeks, Russians, and Kurds.
21:48: the president of Iran called the president of Turkey. "Terrorist groups can pose a serious threat to the region," said Rouhani.
22:00 army spokesman's briefing: throughout the day Azeris resumed the attacks across the borders. The north, center, and south were active.
In the center, as we've announced earlier today, there were battles near several settlements against groups of infiltrators. These battles continue.
In the southern front, in several locations, various Azeri groups tried to advance towards west, north, and north-west. All the advancements were stopped. In some locations, they were thrown back while sustaining heavy losses, including armored vehicles.
The main battles were with artillery. Very few infantry. Traditional airforce was used in some locations. We shot another Turkish Bayraktar drone today.
Q: Aliyev claims they have complete control of the Araks basin across the Artsakh-Iran border.
A: the battles continue in the south. There can be no word of complete control of the river basin. Just because Azeri soldiers can see the river Araks that doesn't mean it's under their complete control.
Q: Putin claims each side has 2,000 losses. Our official losses are 874.
A: obviously approximate numbers were given to the president of Russia. He couldn't say/possess precise numbers. Azerbaijan's losses are multiple times higher than ours. That's not even a question.
As I've said earlier, groups of Azeri infiltrators enter various settlements near the line of contact in an attempt to take videos, create panic, burn down buildings, etc.
I urge the local defense units to be vigilant. These infiltrator groups are usually small and escape the settlements, and do not return for a long time, after one precise strike against them. The best examples are Hadrut and Fizuli. They will try to mimic this strategy elsewhere, especially wherever there are gorges and forests.
These infiltrators advance without any serious armory, without serious support, and without their drones. Therefore an organized defense can easily neutralize them.
Remember to follow anti-COVID safety tips.
22:39: the city of Fort Lee, New Jersey, has officially recognized the independence of the Artsakh Republic, calling it a free democratic state that has been holding Parliamentary and presidential elections.
The resolution also condemns the aggression against Artsakh.

COVID stats

+5,189 tested (record). +2,306 infected (record). +568 healed. +10 deaths. 19,591 active (record).

Gagik Tsarukyan is out of jail

BHK leader Tsarukyan was under pre-trial arrest over alleged financial crimes and voter buying. The court has agreed to release him under a 100mln Dram bail.
Tsarukyan left the facility and promised to continue to contribute towards the resolution of the conflict.


$140,000,000 has been donated to Artsakh so far. It would be a shame if you turned that 40 into 69.
www.ArmeniaFund.org (tax-deductible)
You've read 2824 words.
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2020.10.22 21:01 portlane Myron Ellingson (Nov. 1934 - Oct. 2020)

Myron Orren Ellingson
Nov. 1934 - Oct. 2020
It is with great sorrow and much love that the family of Myron Orren Ellingson, announces his passing at the age of 85. Myron will be deeply missed.
Myron was born in Mohall, N.D., to parents Morris and Mae Ellingson. After high school, Myron spent time in the U.S. military service and then moved to Portland, Ore. In Portland, he and his former wife, Gloria Hoyt Ellingson, raised three daughters and Myron started a long career as an executive in a paper products company. Myron and his loving wife and partner of 22 years, Faye Bancroft Ellingson, recently moved from Portland to Frederick, Colo. In Frederick, Faye's daughter Marla and her husband Allen helped care for Myron in his final months.
Myron had a passion for golf and gardening. He also loved to play cards, and for 38 years Myron participated in a weekly poker game with friends. You could often find Myron in a sunny corner reading the newspaper and completing the New York Times crossword puzzle. Myron felt strongly that breakfast was the best value meal when dining out. He was known for his quick wit, dry humor and calm disposition.
Myron was preceded in death by his parents, Morris and Mae; his brothers, Mervin and Donald Ellingson; and his stepdaughter, Kim Powell. Myron will be lovingly remembered by his adoring wife, Faye; and his family, Terra Ellingson, Nicole Coleson, Sonja Stevenson, Marla Harris; his 12 grandchildren; and his sister, Mayme Morrison.
A celebration of Myron's life will be held in the Spring of 2021.
Please sign the online guest book at www.oregonlive.com/obits
source: http://obits.oregonlive.com/obituaries/oregon/obituary.aspx?n=myron-orren-ellingson&pid=196983204
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2020.10.22 20:54 uebea Shame on you

I can't believe what you did. I can't believe what you did to me, and what you did to *yourself* - because, honestly, I can't imagine you're happy now. Maybe you are. Maybe you're even proud of yourself. You call it "self-care". Honey, that's not self-care, it's pure selfishness, and not the kind you can be proud of in any way. It's not putting-yourself-first; it's not the standing-up-for-yourself I was proud to see you do. It's not what you think it is. It's not a sign of strength, on the contrary, it's proof of pathetic weakness and cowardice. Avoiding this conflict is cowardly. Cutting toxic people out is valid and something to be proud of. But you have no right to be proud of blocking *me* - that was nothing but cowardice. You didn't stand up for yourself, you couldn't even speak your fucking mind and tell me what was wrong. You just ran away. Again - that's not self-care, that's cowardice, and it's denial. But even if you are happy with your decision; even if you think it's reasonable - it's the worst possible thing you could have done to me. It's something I'll never be able to forgive you for.
Do you understand just how important you were to me? How much I cherish our memories? Remember when we first started talking? We used Snapchat. You were doing community service and I was in New York, accross the Atlantic. My ex had just killed himself and, for some reason, I felt safe talking about it with you. We talked about depression, anxiety and our biggest fears. You've opened up to me too, soon. It felt like I cracked a hard nut with my bare hands, and what I found inside was precious. We were dreaming about going to Japan together, making plans we thought we'd never live up to. But, hell, a couple of years later, we actually did. We went to Japan, and it was the time of my life, and there's no one I'd rather had spent it with. We've been through so much. We've spent golden days full of laughter and free of worries. We've helped each other through our darkest times - break ups, mental breakdowns, grief and loss, coming out and starting anew. We've been broken down by life and we've built each other up again. What we had was beautiful.
And you just threw it away. Why? Because the last few weeks we've spent were a little troubled? What's a moth to a flame, right? What's a little fight to a year-long best-friendship? Apparently, it's the end.
I should be very, very angry. Or maybe very, very sad. Probably both. And I am. But most of all, I'm angry. You said you didn't want us to throw accusations at each other; you said you didn't want this to end in a fight, on a negative note. But the way you chose to end this left me with the worst possible mindset. No way I can look back and smile now. There's only grief, there's only anger. It's tragic.
I don't understand how you could do this to a friendship of so many years; I don't understand how you could do this to me; I don't understand how you could just fucking throw me away like a piece of garbage after telling me, only three months ago, that you *need* me, that you *only* need *me*, and that you can't afford to lose me. Do you think I could afford to lose you?! It's ridiculous how you begged me not to leave just to abandon me yorself. You really can be proud of yourself, huh?! On the bright side, you proved your point. You really do destroy everything, you really do push everyone away. Congratulations! Now I believe you. Maybe it's my own fault for not believing you sooner. Maybe it's my own fault for trusting you. But that's not something I should have to regret. Trust is precious. It's your fault you broke mine.
What was the very last thing you said to me? "We just need some space, but you're still my best friend. If you ever need to talk, I'm still here for you. I promise." Well, *now* I need to talk. Now I need you more than ever. The worst thing that could have happened to me happened. You made it happen. You made my biggest fear come true. You were the most important person in my life, and you abandoned me. You lied to me, you broke your promise, you broke me, and now you call it "self-care"? If you keep going onlike this, you'll be alone in the end, and - "One day, I'll miss you!" - then you'll miss me. And I won't be there.
I doubt you know how much I actually did for you and how much I've invested in our friendship. You were my whole fucking world. Did you know that I cried everytime you cried? That you were more important to me than I myself? That you were my highest priority throughout all of these years? How much pain I had to swallow when you hurt me unintentionally? I gave you EVERYTHING. Of course you didn't ask me to (so, is it my fault?) - but you took advantage of it. That is why you should be ashamed, you should be ashamed for taking advantage of me. And you should be ashamed for taking advantage of [another friend] now. You know she loves you, and you know that you mean so much more to her than she does to you - you told me so. But now that I'm gone, you're reaching out to her. Of course she'll listen. Of course she'll be there. How dare you take advantage of her pure heart? Shame on you. Shame on you for taking everything and leaving me with nothing.
Is this guilttripping? You'd probably think so. You'd think I'm toxic and it'd justify your selfishness. You'd be convinced you made the right decision. But deep down, you know I'm right. You know this is just what you deserve. You deserve guilt, shame and regret.
This is not a "farewell". You are nothing but scum, and you are dead to me.
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2020.10.22 20:41 boardgamerecommender Recommendations for jokeres (October 22, 18:41 GMT)

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR jokeres as requested by jokeres (query: "u/boardgamerecommender jokeres new")
Generating recommendations based on a pool size of 1195 with a commonality factor of 84 at level 4 (higher is better).
  1. A Feast for Odin - 2016 (8.6)
  2. Fields of Arle - 2016 (8.6)
  3. Mansions of Madness: Second Edition - 2016 (8.5)
  4. Mombasa - 2015 (8.4)
  5. Pandemic: Iberia - 2016 (8.3)
  6. Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin - 2016 (8.3)
  7. The Quacks of Quedlinburg - 2018 (8.2)
  8. Decrypto - 2018 (8.2)
  9. Welcome To... - 2018 (8.1)
  10. The Quest for El Dorado - 2017 (8.1)
  11. Alchemists - 2015 (8.1)
  12. Ethnos - 2017 (8.0)
  13. T.I.M.E Stories - 2015 (8.0)
  14. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - 2016 (8.0)
  15. Captain Sonar - 2016 (8.0)
  16. Raptor - 2015 (8.0)
  17. Gizmos - 2018 (8.0)
  18. Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis and Clark - 2015 (7.9)
  19. Secret Hitler - 2016 (7.9)
  20. Hero Realms - 2016 (7.9)
  21. Fury of Dracula (Third/Fourth Edition) - 2015 (7.9)
  22. Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King - 2015 (7.9)
  23. Santorini - 2016 (7.8)
  24. Tiny Epic Galaxies - 2015 (7.8)
  25. Bärenpark - 2017 (7.8)
  26. Kingdomino - 2016 (7.7)
  27. KeyForge: Call of the Archons - 2018 (7.7)
  28. Quadropolis - 2016 (7.7)
  29. Cacao - 2015 (7.7)
  30. Mysterium - 2015 (7.7)
  31. Reef - 2018 (7.7)
  32. The Grizzled - 2015 (7.7)
  33. Exit: The Game – The Pharaoh's Tomb - 2016 (7.7)
  34. Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu - 2016 (7.7)
  35. Dice Forge - 2017 (7.7)
  36. Codenames: Pictures - 2016 (7.7)
  37. Love Letter: Batman - 2015 (7.7)
  38. Imhotep - 2016 (7.7)
  39. Steampunk Rally - 2015 (7.7)
  40. Yamataï - 2017 (7.7)
  41. Las Vegas - 2017 (7.7)
  42. Broom Service - 2015 (7.7)
  43. Exit: The Game – The Secret Lab - 2016 (7.7)
  44. Citadels - 2016 (7.6)
  45. Between Two Cities - 2015 (7.6)
  46. Fabled Fruit - 2016 (7.6)
  47. New York 1901 - 2015 (7.6)
  48. The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game - 2016 (7.6)
  49. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival - 2015 (7.6)
  50. One Deck Dungeon - 2016 (7.5)
  51. Kanagawa - 2016 (7.5)
  52. Majesty: For the Realm - 2017 (7.5)
  53. XCOM: The Board Game - 2015 (7.5)
  54. Potion Explosion - 2015 (7.5)
  55. 5-Minute Dungeon - 2017 (7.5)
  56. Celestia - 2015 (7.5)
  57. Not Alone - 2017 (7.5)
  58. Magic Maze - 2017 (7.5)
  59. Artifacts, Inc. - 2015 (7.4)
  60. Mint Works - 2017 (7.4)
  61. Happy Salmon - 2016 (7.4)
  62. Flick 'em Up! - 2015 (7.4)
  63. Cottage Garden - 2016 (7.4)
  64. Loony Quest - 2015 (7.4)
  65. The Big Book of Madness - 2015 (7.4)
  66. Tides of Time - 2015 (7.3)
  67. Oh My Goods! - 2015 (7.3)
  68. The Bloody Inn - 2015 (7.3)
  69. Traders of Osaka - 2015 (7.3)
  70. Viceroy - 2015 (7.3)
  71. The Mind - 2018 (7.3)
  72. Cockroach Poker - 2017 (7.3)
  73. A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King - 2016 (7.3)
  74. Dice City - 2015 (7.2)
  75. Dream Home - 2016 (7.2)
  76. The Bottle Imp - 2017 (7.2)
  77. The Game - 2015 (7.2)
  78. Dead Man's Draw - 2015 (7.2)
  79. Kodama: The Tree Spirits - 2016 (7.2)
  80. Epic Card Game - 2015 (7.1)
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2020.10.22 20:29 boardgamerecommender Recommendations for jokeres (October 22, 18:29 GMT)

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR jokeres as requested by jokeres (query: "u/boardgamerecommender jokeres")
Generating recommendations based on a pool size of 1195 with a commonality factor of 84 at level 4 (higher is better).
  1. Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin - 2016 (8.3)
  2. The Quacks of Quedlinburg - 2018 (8.2)
  3. Welcome To... - 2018 (8.1)
  4. The Quest for El Dorado - 2017 (8.1)
  5. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - 2016 (8.0)
  6. Tiny Epic Galaxies - 2015 (7.8)
  7. Bärenpark - 2017 (7.8)
  8. Cacao - 2015 (7.7)
  9. Mysterium - 2015 (7.7)
  10. The Grizzled - 2015 (7.7)
  11. Imhotep - 2016 (7.7)
  12. Las Vegas - 2017 (7.7)
  13. Between Two Cities - 2015 (7.6)
  14. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival - 2015 (7.6)
  15. XCOM: The Board Game - 2015 (7.5)
  16. Flick 'em Up! - 2015 (7.4)
  17. Cottage Garden - 2016 (7.4)
  18. Tides of Time - 2015 (7.3)
  19. Cockroach Poker - 2017 (7.3)
  20. The Game - 2015 (7.2)
You can request a longer version of this list by posting the text "u/boardgamerecommender jokeres new" in a comment.
  1. Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game - 2014 (8.3)
  2. Glory to Rome - 2005 (8.1)
  3. Bruges - 2013 (8.0)
  4. Imperial Settlers - 2014 (8.0)
  5. The Manhattan Project - 2012 (8.0)
  6. Mice and Mystics - 2012 (7.8)
  7. Last Will - 2011 (7.8)
  8. Takenoko - 2011 (7.8)
  9. Thebes - 2007 (7.8)
  10. Love Letter - 2012 (7.7)
  11. Finca - 2009 (7.7)
  12. Deep Sea Adventure - 2014 (7.6)
  13. Camel Up - 2014 (7.5)
  14. King of New York - 2014 (7.5)
  15. Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age - 2008 (7.5)
  16. Red7 - 2014 (7.5)
  17. The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow - 2001 (7.3)
  18. Pickomino - null (7.1)
  19. Eight-Minute Empire - 2012 (7.1)
  20. Niagara - 2004 (7.1)
You can request a longer version of this list by posting the text "u/boardgamerecommender jokeres old" in a comment.
  1. The Great Dalmuti - 1995 (7.0)
  2. Clans - 2002 (7.0)
  3. Smash Up - 2012 (7.0)
  4. The Red Dragon Inn - 2007 (7.0)
  5. Spot it! - 2009 (6.9)
  6. Castle Panic - 2009 (6.9)
  7. Metro - 1997 (6.9)
  8. Wasabi! - 2008 (6.9)
  9. Jungle Speed - 1997 (6.9)
  10. Saboteur - 2004 (6.8)
  11. SET - 1988 (6.8)
  12. Pit - 1903 (6.8)
  13. Loot - 2005 (6.6)
  14. Monopoly Deal Card Game - 2008 (6.6)
  15. Gloom - 2005 (6.6)
  16. Kill Doctor Lucky - 1996 (6.5)
  17. Dungeon Roll - 2013 (6.5)
  18. Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game - 2013 (6.4)
  19. Fluxx - 1997 (6.0)
  20. Phase 10 - 1982 (5.5)
You can request a longer version of this list by posting the text "u/boardgamerecommender jokeres underrated" in a comment.
  1. Clue: Harry Potter Edition - 2008 (5.3)
  2. Ace of Aces: Handy Rotary Series - 1980 (6.4)
  3. Monopoly: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition - 2003 (4.6)
  4. Axis & Allies: 1942 - 2009 (6.1)
  5. In a Pickle - 2004 (4.3)
  6. Pay Day - 1975 (4.3)
  7. Save Doctor Lucky - 2000 (5.4)
  8. Lord of the Rings: The Duel - 2002 (5.5)
  9. Nightmare - 1991 (5.3)
  10. Squad Leader - 1977 (7.1)
  11. Necromunda - 1995 (7.0)
  12. Risk: Godstorm - 2004 (5.7)
  13. Gaia Project - 2017 (8.2)
  14. Hungry Hungry Hippos - 1978 (4.0)
  15. Hi Ho! Cherry-O - 1992 (3.6)
  16. Mottainai - 2015 (6.7)
  17. Timeline - 2012 (6.1)
  18. Micro Mutants: Evolution - 2007 (6.3)
  19. Monsterpocalypse - 2008 (6.8)
  20. PARKS - 2019 (7.5)
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2020.10.22 20:14 emandem23 TITANIC INSPIRED ROLPLAY 🚢 (F4A PLAYING M)

Hey, guys!
I am Alaska and I am 21F. I am looking for a partner who could play out this plot with me which is based on the plot of the movie Titanic.
My plot is a bit different than the movie and you'll soon get to know why. As for me- I am an experienced rolepayer and I am literate too. I have been doing this since a year and have learnt a lot about the art of roleplaying!
Enough about me- as for the plot, it involved my character- Belle and yours- Steve. Both of them come from rich families. The most elite families in New York. Belle is naive, bubbly and a hopeless romantic while Steve is staunch, stern and a womanizer. They have been arranged to marry so that their families can form a strong alliance in New York. Steve is complaining against the idea of marriage. He prefers being in the company of the woman he's having an affair with while Belle is excited to try her best to find love. Will she be able to keep up with Steve and make him love her as well or would she end up in a loveless Marriage? Most importantly, would they survive the biggest obstacle that they are going to face aboard the titanic?
The dynamic between members of both families, the tone set and the uneventful incident sinking of the titanic have always piqued interest in me. So, if you are willing to give this a shot then let me know!
I would be open to any suggestions you might have or any changes that you'd like to make to this plot. So, if you are interested and willing to play this plot out with me- let me know and hopefully we can build on a plot that works for the both of us! 🌸
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2020.10.22 20:05 bbgurl101 VH1 announces “I Love New York” reunion special!

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2020.10.22 19:46 johancolli 30 Years of Pet Shop Boys' Behaviour

Hi guys, this album has been very important to me lately and I decided to write about it for its 30th anniversary, I hope you enjoy and hopefully we can talk about the album and your experiences with it!
It was around 2011 when I got my first iPod. I was also 12 years old, about to start my teenage years and middle school, a horrible stage in everyone’s life, but more so for a queer boy living in a low class Mexico City neighborhood. Like books, pirate CD’s and videogames before it, my iPod was my new escape method for a reality that didn’t even want to understand me.
Curiously, the man that got my new device ready to go (a coworker of my uncle’s business), was a Pet Shop Boys fan. When he synchronized his computer with my iPod, the entire discography of the UK pop band got printed on it. I was already familiar with the Pet Shop Boys, of course. My parents were fans of their greatest hits and knew to regard them as staples of 80’s pop music even if they only knew songs like “West End Girls” and “New York City Boy”. Their taste for dad rock and one hit wonders from the 80’s and 90’s has always been a part of me, which meant that I could only get into the more digestible pop songs from the duo’s catalog in the beginning.
For example, I listened to “Can You Forgive Her?” from the album Very on repeat, but when it transitioned into “I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing”, I was quickly put off. Nowadays it sounds like the most pop thing ever, but back then it was very uninteresting to me as a kid who was listening to the Top 40 radio all day. You can imagine how I reacted to Behaviour when I first put play on it. It is Pet Shop Boys most subtle, melancholic album and to my ears back then, their most boring. I didn’t even try to engage with it, especially since I always thought “So Hard”, the lead single, was one of their weakest.
Eventually, that iPod got lost and I started listening to other kinds of music. I was introduced to every genre possible thanks to the remaining blogs from the MySpace era I never experienced and the festival line-ups I obsessed over, and I didn’t go back to the Pet Shop Boys until 2016 when they released their Super album and I revisited Very, finding it to be one of the best pop albums ever made. That same year I got to see them live and experience first hand the magic of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, who were already over ten years into their career before I was even born, still vibrant and witty. Joyous and elegant at the same time. I was 17 by then and in my second year of high school. The student community in my school was accepting and we all hung out with everyone every day, regardless of social conditions, sexual and gender identity, or any division the institute’s administration and our homes tried to remark upon us. For a moment, we created a bubble where anyone could do anything and it made life more bearable.
It’s 2020 now, and things have obviously changed a lot. Many of my friends are in college right now, some are working and others are trying to find something that feels correct for them to do. Overall, I wasn’t seeing them that much even before the pandemic. But, like an old friend, the Pet Shop Boys came out with a new album named Hotspot, and as a way to prepare and revisit their sound I decided to listen to Behaviour for the first time. It’s been helping me survive this year for 10 months now.
Behaviour was released 30 years ago, and yet its feeling of melancholy and anxiety remains current and relevant, maybe more so than in recent years. It may be linked to many important historical things that were happening around at the time, but ultimately, it’s an album about heartbreak. It deals with it from various standpoints: heartbreak caused by the loss of a friend, of a lover, of youth, of optimism. Heartbreak caused by unrequited love, an insincere artistic scene and the rise of capitalism. But Neil Tennant is not one to write the kind of songs that go “what has the world come to?” (the bonus track “Miserabilism” is a jab at the growing image of artists romanticizing depression in the media). He is an observant, and his omnipresent eye is at his most clever in Behaviour.
“Being Boring”, one of the best songs the duo has ever written, opens the record masterfully painting a scene: “I came across a cache of old photos and invitations to teenage parties” sets the whole mood, we can see a grown up man going through a stack of past memories ready to tell a story. And he does, for the photos by themselves cannot tell the true events. He takes us to the days where the doors of the closet were just starting to get opened for some. The song doesn’t stop there, though. Chris Lowe guides us through time with a masterfully mellow instrumental break before Neil delivers the breathtaking verse “All the people I was kissing, some are here and some are missing, in the nineteen-nineties” before mentioning that he is now “the creature” he was always meant to be but never thought he could, like it’s nothing. Because maybe, in the end, maybe even achieving your true form isn’t a big deal for anyone. Time goes on.
This feeling of resignation permeates the entire album. Almost no lyric in here puts the narrator or subject of the song in a position of choice or power. The second track “This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave”, describes the emotional sequels the protagonist can’t get rid of, even if they can recognize the place that gives them nightmares as something unhealthy that they are able to abandon physically. In tracks like “To Face the Truth”, about a toxic relationship described by someone who cannot leave their partner, who is actively hurting them, their thoughts are already fully formed. The resignation isn’t painless, in fact it doesn’t start until the narrator realizes how much it hurts. “Only the Wind” sees Neil describe a little wind making trees fall down, so unbothered it doesn’t feel like an issue. Later in the song, when it is suggested the storm may become worse, he goes: “My nerves are all jangled, but I’m pulling through, I hope I can handle what I have to do”. This is the sort of realistic optimism we all have had to acquire during recent months.
“My October Symphony”, about a Russian artist who is insecure about their art after the fall of communism (“shall I rewrite or revise my October symphony?”) speaks to our current anxiety about our political ideas and motivations becoming obsolete, and yet the accents Johnny Marr’s guitar help illustrate the event like a newsflash about “how October let us down” and the song ends asking if perhaps the move should be switching “from revolution to revelation”.
It is heartbreak above any political or social event we may share with the early 90’s the thing that resonates the most with us to this day, and the last two tracks illustrate perfectly how, at the end of the day, there is nothing scarier than waiting for our phones to receive a message from someone in particular, to no avail. “The End of the World” with its dramatic title, talks about how each time we feel heartbroken we feel everything is about to end (“The prophets all predicted extinction, the Virgin spoke in apparitions, and if it all came to pass now, you’d feel we’d all deserve it somehow”). It’s about the power we let someone else have over our entire stability, and how to an exterior eye it may seem as unhealthy and dangerous. The song invites us to take an empathy step and see it from the outside. Wouldn’t we tell somebody in our position that they will be ok in time? That they will get through it? That, ultimately, it’s just a boy or a girl and that it isn’t the end of the world?
Being empathic isn’t always easy though. In “Jealousy”, the marvelous finale, our narrator depicts a night of anxiety waiting for a call from someone special, and in that spiral of desperation and intrusive nights, they begin to understand that maybe the person they keep thinking about just doesn’t care about them. The song doesn’t end when Neil sings the final line: “I never knew ‘till I met you”, after that punch to the heart, an orchestra of synths takes over with a melodramatic outro that describes somebody’s realization that their unrequited love has to come to an end. For just a small moment, many different ends of the world are taking place and a new one is about to begin.
“Jealousy” was among the first songs the Pet Shop Boys wrote, during their first demo recording session, but it didn’t find a place until Behaviour. And just like Behaviour was initially met with a lukewarm response critically and commercially, in time it found its place as a crucial point in 90’s pop history. Its sound is the culmination of things they tried with their first two albums (maybe if Introspective hadn’t been such a hit Behaviour would have been received better), it’s elegant and sad but not in a downer way, the snark of Neil’s writing help the melancholic music float above the level of depressing and gives us the opportunity to sing the songs as if we’ve already moved past our own grief. That is why, 30 years after, Behaviour is still one of the best records ever made. With it, looking back, you will always be able to rely on a friend.
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2020.10.22 19:26 Dagigai [H] Games [W] Paypal or wow EU game time


Golf with your friends

Generation Zero


Vampire the masquerade Corteries of new york

Fun with Ragdolls

Lethal League blaze

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Evoland Legendary Edition

Yooka Laylee and the impossible lair

Catherine classic

The Occupation

The shapeshifting Detective


Hello Neighbor Double pack



THrough the darkest of times

American Fugative

The coma 2

We were here together

a case of distrust

Age of wonders planetfall deluxe

Void bastards

Railway empire

battlestart galactica deadhook

Yuppie Psycho

Beat hazard 2

Sigma Theroy global cold war

Metal unit

DOn't escape 4 days to survive

Verlet swing

Welcome to basingstoke



Hellblade Senua's sacrifce

The messenger


The stillness of the wind

The kings bird

Xcom2 +DLC

Rise of industry

Niche the genetics survival game

Warhammer 40k Gladius

The swords of Ditto


Heave Ho



Chess ultra


Shenmue I & II

Hitman 2

This is the police II

Opus magnum


Raiden v: Directors cut

Driftland: the magic revival

Turok 2: seeds of evil


The bards tale IV

Shoppe keep 2

Capitalism 2

my friend Pedro

Fell seal: arbiters mark

Battle chasers: nightwar

Exa punks



AI war 2


Frostpunk + 1 DLC

Book of Demons


Okami HD


Shenzhen I/O

Project Warlock

The Hex

Warstone TD


Night Call

Middle earth Shadow of War

Graveyard Keeper

Mages of Mystralia

Grip _ 1 DLC

Road Redemption

60 Parsecs

Yokus island express

Almost there the platformer


The adventure pals

State of mind

God's trigger

Guacamelee! 2

Love is dead


Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered


Immortal redneck


sniper elite

Sniper elite V2

[W] PayPal
Edit : removed sold games
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2020.10.22 19:20 FlynnPatrick Top 500 Players in the NBA (120-111)

120. Victor Oladipo (Indiana Pacers)
6’4, 28.5 years old
NBARanking Rank: 51
This might be a bit of an unfair ranking as the sample size Oladipo had was relatively small, but Victor did have the worst season of his career in terms of shooting efficiency with a career-worst 31.7% from long range and 11.3 PER. Still, he brings a presence to the court as a multiple time all-star that few players bring and he was recovering from a torn quad tendon. I expect him to move back up in 2021.
119. Mitchell Robinson (New York Knicks)
7’0, 22.6 years old
NBARanking Rank: 98
Robinson is one of the more dangerous offensive x-factors in the league, and this sub had him as a low-end top 100 player. His range is limited but he excels at what he does well which is scoring at the rim and rebounding. He needs to cut down on fouls, but even with how he plays currently he can continue progressing and being effective at what he does well.
118. Patrick Beverley (LA Clippers)
6’1, 32.3 years old
NBARanking Rank: 105
Recent news has come out that Kawhi Leonard is urging the Clippers to add a point guard. Beverley has value (and shot a career-high 49.6% from 2-point-range) but with the Clippers falling short in the playoffs, changes needing to be made has been highlighted. He didn’t regress but didn’t really progress either. Bev is signed through 2022 and could be more valuable in a 2nd string spot if LA does decide to make a run at a point guard.
117. Alec Burks (Philadelphia 76ers)
6’6, 29.2 years old
NBARanking Rank: N/A
Burks had a career-best year for the 76ers and the Warriors. He didn’t receive any top 100 votes by nbaranking but Burks had an opportunity for Golden State to showcase his skillset and did so. The 76ers then made a trade for him prior to the deadline for a spark off the bench and Alec came through by averaging a career best 16.7 PER and 1.2 OBPM. He is a free agent in 2020 and is one of the more intriguing options as I had him as a fringe top 100 player and it will be interesting to see what team takes a chance on him.
116. DeAndre Jordan (Brooklyn Nets)
6’11, 32.3 years old
NBARanking Rank: 153
Jordan didn’t return in the bubble, and I’m a bit higher on him than NBARanking is, as he does have value at what he does well still which is rebounding and finishing at the rim. With another stud center in Jarrett Allen, he did play the least minutes per game he had since 2010 but with Steve Nash now in the fold as head coach and with KD and Kyrie returning, Jordan could continue to provide value as his 4 year 39.6 million dollar contract is I would describe as fair and we’ll see what type of impact he can make in 2021.
115. Seth Curry (Dallas Mavericks)
6’2, 30.2 years old
NBARanking Rank: 146
For all the love his brother gets, Seth has shot an insane 44% from 3 on his career and his value in Dallas took a step forward as he progressed from Portland with a higher FG% and a career high 15.5 PER. He is a perfect fit as he can be the beneficiary of Luka’s passes and looked like a potential Jason Terry 2.0. His 32 million dollar contract is at great value and there is potential for him to be a top 100 player sometime over the next few seasons.
114. Steven Adams (Oklahoma City Thunder)
7’0, 27.3 years old
NBARanking Rank: 63
Adams’ offensive role took a step down in 2020 as his MPG fell from 33 to 26 but he played his role well, with a career-high in APG. He was inconsistent at times during the season but was asked to make changes to his game within the flow of the offense and even though this affected his overall value, Steven gladly embraced his new role. He is signed through 2021 and at $27 million a year with an expiring contract I could see him being a surprise trade candidate.
113. Dillon Brooks (Memphis Grizzlies)
6’7, 24.8 years old
NBARanking Rank: 155
Brooks made a name for himself as a scorer in 2020 with over 16 PPG and as a solid 3rd scoring option next to Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. He’s a bit inconsistent and only finished with an 11.3 PER and there’s nothing crazy that stands out about his game but you have to have serious talent to score at least 16 PPG on decent efficiency and the Grizzlies signed him to a decent long-term deal.
112. Lauri Markkanen (Chicago Bulls)
7’0, 23.5 years old
NBARanking Rank: 131
Instead of progressing in year 3, Markkanen took a puzzling step back. He averaged career-worsts in efficiency and PPG and did not fit in the flow of Jim Boylen’s offense in year 3. With a new regime and coaching staff, things could improve. As GM Arturas Karsinovas described to the Chicago Tribune:
“We’ll set the expectations, which are pretty high,” Karnisovas said. “And it’s about improvement. Each player, from talking to them, they were disappointed with last year’s result. We’re going to strive to get better. Same thing with Lauri. We have a lot of time this offseason. We’re going to put a plan together for him. We’re going to schedule and do that.”
Lauri will have a lot to prove in the final year of his rookie deal.
111. Aaron Gordon (Orlando Magic)
6’9, 25.1 years old
NBARanking Rank: 88
Gordon was starting to hit his stride shortly after the all-star break before the season was suspended, as during that time his playmaking ability skyrocketed as he averaged 6.8 APG before play stopped. Overall, although he is one of the more exciting dunkers in the league, Gordon didn’t necessarily progress in the right direction and is now the subject of trade rumors. With Jonathan Isaac out for 2021, Gordon will likely continue to get plenty of offensive touches but whether he can raise his value to reach his contract is yet to be seen.
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2020.10.22 19:13 FlameOfWar [OC] 15 Trades, 30 Teams - Moves that every team should make this offseason

Hey, it's the offseason and I love talking trades. Here are 15 win-win trades that all 30 teams should do. Sign & trades not considered. Discuss! Blockbuster at #14
1. Atlanta Hawks <---> Brooklyn Nets:
Atlanta could use another year of rookies and rebuilding, and have more cap space than they know what to do with.
Brooklyn wants to 1) re-sign Joe Harris, and 2) avoid the luxury tax this year, as they’ll have more than enough opportunities to go into it if they see this as a long-term core.
2. Boston Celtics <---> Chicago Bulls:
The Celtics have a full roster and are over the tax line, they don’t need picks. What this move does is raises their ceiling and floor and brings another young gun that can be a part of their core for years to come. Lauri’s raise will come when Hayward’s contract runs out, so a perfect fit financially, timeline wise, and basketball wise.
Karnisovas looks at the Bulls and sees they’re capped out with a bad team, their two best players are not second or even third best players on a championship team, and the injury-prone Lauri has a year left before he asks for a raise or you let him go for nothing. What’s his out? To re-tool. Bringing in a fresh batch of rookies this year allows them to make use of what would’ve been a wasted season and find a new core to build around.
3. Charlotte Hornets <---> Detroit Pistons:
The Hornets are ... wait for it… actually in a good position. They were the 9th seed in the East while mainly playing guys that made less than a combined $50M. Them taking a swing that Blake recovers from injury while freeing up a total of $25M in cap space is a no-lose trade.
Now that the Pistons have committed to a rebuild, they need more young bodies. Monk and a few seconds achieves that.
4. Cleveland Cavaliers <---> Golden State Warriors:
I admit this is a cop out but what else can the Cavs do? They have no assets and no cap space. Paying random seconds to try out for their team is the best they can do.
The Warriors will look for competent vets on the minimum market. They could package Wiggins and the second pick, but because they have 0 other wings on the roster they might as well keep him. They need cash since they’re especially hard-hit by COVID.
5. Dallas Mavericks <--> Los Angeles Lakers:
The Mavs didn’t seem to have a good fit for Delon in the playoffs. They’ll be without KP and maybe Powell for a part of next season, so they could use Kuzma and McGee. This also frees up 2021 cap space.
The Lakers didn’t get great minutes out of Kuzma. Delon would learn a lot from Rondo. Also with the cap situation, I don’t see how the Lakers can have a max slot in 2021 even with just LeBron and AD’s contracts, so they should forego that FA.
6. Denver Nuggets <--> Phoenix Suns:
In my opinion, the Nuggets would be better if they slide Barton down to the 2 and play a bit bigger. Phoenix is one of few teams that would view Harris other than a negative. Denver could add a first instead of Morris as well.
The Suns do this for quality guard backups, something they lacked last season.
7. Houston Rockets <--> Washington Wizards:
Houston’s relationship with House seems like a broken marriage (too soon?). They do this to stay under the tax and fill out their roster with minimums.
Washington want to give Wall + Beal one more shot, so they might as well put a competent wing beside them.
8. Indiana Pacers <---> Portland Trailblazers:
The Pacers have historically been happy with consistently making the playoffs and not much more, and CJ is a great fit to do that. He replaces the uncertainty you have with Oladipo’s health and contract with a long-term signed (but overpaid), healthy, consistent star.
For the Trailblazers, this is a risk, but it’s one that their franchise is long overdue for. Oladipo could be better than CJ in every aspect of the game, or he could be worse. But at least this is a chance to put a Dame-led team into fighting position, as you won’t get there with Dame and CJ taking up 60% of the salary cap.
9. LA Clippers <---> OKC Thunder:
Clippers trying to collect all the 6th men! They need a point guard. Schroeder isn’t the floor general they need, but that guy doesn’t really exist in free agency or as a trade target.
For the Thunder, he’s on his last year of his contract. Indications are they want to rebuild. They trade him for the best offer. Unless another team beats this, they should take it.
10. Memphis Grizzlies <---> Milwaukee Bucks:
The Grizzlies will be getting Winslow back, and Brooks has the lowest PIPM of any rotation player, as he scored 16 points on 15 shots a game. This could be seen as selling high.
The Bucks could do this while still keeping flexibility to trade for Chris Paul. Brooks can be at best a their best bench player, and at worst a consistent 3 point shooter, but nonetheless better than Korver, Brown, or Connaughton.
11. Miami Heat <---> New York Knicks:
The Heat do this as a low-risk high reward move. With their culture, they may be able to inhibit Randle’s bad tendencies and turn him into a mini-Bam. The worst they’d give up is a 20 mpg bench player, who they can replace in free agency.
Olynyk is the polar opposite of Randle in terms of what that Knicks team needs, and it’s why they should do it.
12. Minnesota Timberwolves <---> Orlando Magic:
The Wolves get a backup 5 and a rotation wing. Free agency competition for minimum players will be tough with so so they may have to pay to get competent players.
The Magic could use this year without Isaac as a re-tooling year by adding 4 rookies (3 2020 picks + Okeke).
13. New Orleans Pelicans <---> Toronto Raptors:
In 28 MPG this year, Powell averaged 16 pts a game on 50% FG, 40% 3PT, and 84% FT. He was borderline ineligible for 6th man of the year, but if he was many analysts had him 3rd. Even in a normal (ie. not bad) draft year, #13 for a player like him is totally fair value. For the Pels, it brings a young, great two-way player that can help them in making the playoffs, or be a rotation piece for years to come if they choose to trade Jrue and JJ this year as well.
The Raptors are serious about 2021 so Powell’s on his last year essentially. I think they need a jolt of athleticism and energy, so I want them to draft Precious Achiuwa or another young guy.
14. Philadelphia 76ers <---> Sacramento Kings:
Now this is the big blockbuster we’ve been building up for. How I see it for Philly is that Buddy is a perfect fit beside Embiid and Simmons, they stay under the tax this year, they open up >$20 mil in cap space in 2021 for flexibility, and it rounds out their rotation in such a way to put them into contention. In terms of the price to do that, here’s what I think: Buddy is worth a first in a vaccuum, it costs at least a first to get off Al or Tobias, and all those rotation guys combined are worth more than a first. So that’s at least 3 firsts plus some seconds Philly doesn’t need anyway.
For Sacramento, they’re going into next season over the cap and not even a playoff team. Their starting rotation is still going to be pretty much the same: Fox/Bog/Barnes/Bagley/Horford. So not only does it make their big rotation actually really talented, but they get a chance to re-tool in an insane West next year and save themselves from themselves by not having cap space for a few years.
15. San Antonio Spurs <---> Utah Jazz:
The Spurs, for the love of all that is holy, need to open up more guard minutes. This does that, gets them a great shooter in Niang (but horrific defense), and some seconds.
If you look at the Jazz’s backup guard minutes all season they were atrocious. This replaces guys like Mudiay’s minutes, and leaves them to get a bench big in free agency.
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2020.10.22 18:42 AdKlutzy8727 New York I Love You 2009 1080p BluRay x265-RARBG

DOWNLOAD LINK: megafile3.top/444s3df9g/h32234s

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2020.10.22 18:28 enoby666 Charlotte Reads: Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

"The ones with attitude have the best light."
So What's It About?
Akata Witch transports the reader to a magical place where nothing is quite as it seems. Born in New York, but living in Aba, Nigeria, twelve-year old Sunny is understandably a little lost. She is albino and thus, incredibly sensitive to the sun. All Sunny wants to do is be able to play football and get through another day of school without being bullied. But once she befriends Orlu and Chichi, Sunny is plunged into the world of the Leopard People, where your worst defect becomes your greatest asset. Together, Sunny, Orlu, Chichi and Sasha form the youngest ever Oha Coven. Their mission is to track down Black Hat Otokoto, the man responsible for kidnapping and maiming children. Will Sunny be able to overcome the killer with powers stronger than her own, or will the future she saw in the flames become reality?
What I Thought
Last year I read Okorafor's Who Fears Death and thought it was extremely strong in a number of regards but also found it weighed down by immature characters who made impulsive and infuriating decisions. And my feelings about Akata Witch this year are...almost exactly the same!
This time around I genuinely loved the magic and the world-building. Okorafor's creativity and sense of humor really get to shine in this book and I adored everything from the tungwas ("floating bags of teeth, bone, meat and hair. They explode when they're ready") to a magical pepper soup recipe with dire warnings about the soup turning to poison and a kind of magical artist wasp with a flair for the dramatic if it doesn't get enough praise for its creations:
"Its sting paralyzes you for ten minutes so you can do nothing but watch it build its 'final masterpiece' and then keep watching as it dramatically dies."
The secret magical society is rich and interesting and I loved the very sweet underlying message that the things we think of as our weaknesses can actually be our strengths:
"We embrace those things that make us unique or odd. For only in these things can we locate and develop our most individual abilities."
Sunny's ostracization because she is albino is also well-explored, though I do think it takes away from the central message that once she becomes a free agent she loses the light sensitivity that comes along with her condition. There are also a few times that the story touches on black identity and belonging in the U.S. vs Nigeria in a really compelling way. I'm so pleased to have read a story all about black kids exploring the things that make them special, growing in power and saving the world, especially within the context of a delightfully unique non-Western world full of magic.
Unfortunately the main group of kids spend 90% of their time squabbling and bickering with each other, which I found incredibly annoying. They also make some terrible decisions with absolutely no justification whatsoever, like when Chichi inexplicably summons a masquerade at a party and it runs rampant, causing havoc and destruction. As I mentioned at the beginning of the review it's the same problem I had with Who Fears Death: sympathetic characters are made unsympathetic because their incessant immaturity and impulsivity.
There are also a few moments of bizarre emotional detachment. At one point in time the kids see a man get violently murdered right before their eyes and then a few paragraphs later they're all like "Hey, guys, who wants to play a soccer game on the field where this man just died!" I mean, what? It was the strangest moment in the book by far and I would really love to know what Okorafor was thinking when she wrote it!
I also know some of my friends were irritated by the strangeness of the premise itself: why is a fully-functional magical government specifically assigning young kids with minimal training to take down a serial killer who targets kids? I'm fairly good at suspending my disbelief but I know this bothered people I talked to about the book.
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I Love New York - YouTube I Love New York: Bella Hadid, Misty Copeland & Whoopi ... USA State Song: New York - I Love New York - YouTube I Love New York / Casiopea - YouTube I Love New York Radio Ad Song, circa 1977-1980 - YouTube Madonna - I Love New York (Album Version) - YouTube I love New York because New York loves you I Love New York Ep 1 - YouTube Tiffany Pollard: Why 'I Love New York 3' was Really ... Steve Karmen - I Love New York - YouTube

Home Puppy Love

  1. I Love New York - YouTube
  2. I Love New York: Bella Hadid, Misty Copeland & Whoopi ...
  3. USA State Song: New York - I Love New York - YouTube
  4. I Love New York / Casiopea - YouTube
  5. I Love New York Radio Ad Song, circa 1977-1980 - YouTube
  6. Madonna - I Love New York (Album Version) - YouTube
  7. I love New York because New York loves you
  8. I Love New York Ep 1 - YouTube
  9. Tiffany Pollard: Why 'I Love New York 3' was Really ...
  10. Steve Karmen - I Love New York - YouTube

Lyrics: I don't like cities but I like New York Other places make me feel like a dork Los Angeles is for people who sleep Paris and London baby you can keep ... Pics of New York with a bit of added fun and a great backing track to go with it. Catch the full interview now: https://apple.co/2TiNGf4 Tiffany 'New York' Pollard joins #NoFilter with Zack Peter, discussing how the controversy surrounding... I Love New York Radio Ad Song, circa 1977-1980, written by Steve Karmen. Lyrics: You're planning a long vacation / or just a day or two / you're finally on v... MARCH 24, 2020 Governor Cuomo: 'We're going to make it because I love New York, and I love New York because New York loves you. New York loves all of you. Black and white and brown and Asian and ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I Love New York (stylized I NY) is both a logo and a song that are the basis of an advertising campaign and have been used since 1977 to promote tourism in... As the city slowly rebuilds, Vogue pays tribute to everything—and everyone—that makes New York … New York. The biggest issue of the year is here! Subscribe t... ♪ I ♥ N.Y. / Steve.Karmen (Arrangement by Issei Noro) Album:' Super Flight ' / Casiopea Label:Alfa. Recorded:Aug 29th ~Oct 13th, 1979. - Casiopea ... Provided to YouTube by Warner Records I Love New York · Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor ℗ 2005 Warner Records Inc. Assistant Engineer: Alex Dromgoole As...